Monday, July 18, 2016

I'M Hotel and Residences Makati

The newest skyscraper in Makati is soon to open, making a big leap to the future of the business center.  Towering with 35 floors, I’M Hotel and Residences will rise and give a different perspective to the hospitality industry. It is all about making its guests indulge to its facilities and services, creating a good impression and celebrating the uniqueness, making them to call the hotel their home.

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Relaxing Staycation at Acacia Hotel by Deal Grocer

Acacia Hotel's Executive Suite

You don’t need to book for an airfare to have a fancy vacation. Nowadays, everything is within reach. Take the stress away from planning a weekend getaway but instead enjoy a staycation with one of the hotels in Metro Manila. Few weeks ago, I was in search for a hotel which is a driving distance and located at Alabang. Tried to search over the net for a deal that offers a value – for – money quality hotel, and found out this Deal Grocer. Guess what? The website is probably the best of its kind, easy to navigate and with various deals time to time from great dining experience, getaways and luxurious hotels. Everything is an exciting treat to everyone.

Monday, May 23, 2016

Baguio is Lovelier with Le Monet Hotel

If there’s one place in the Philippines I would genuinely love to go over and over again, that is Baguio City. The reasons are simply because of the obvious things: cold weather, picturesque landscape and the scent of the pine trees. Baguio is definitely my favorite! I have been constantly visiting the place for many years and I thought I have already visited majority of the tourist attractions, if not all. I have much nothing to explore than to try the world class hotels in Baguio. Recently, together with my travel buddies, we went to the City of Pines to spend a one of a kind weekend in Le Monet Hotel. 

Friday, May 13, 2016

A Luxury Treat at Pico de Loro Beach and Country Club

Photo by Pico de Loro Cove

Year 2015 has just started and really eyeing for a more memorable trips all throughout the year. To start off my journey, this January, together with my seven craziest friends, we spent a lavish weekend staycation in a world class private beach resort community, called Hamilo Coast. The resort is a sprawling seaside sanctuary located at the head of the Nasugbu coastline which is just a 90 minutes away from Manila through Ternate – Nasugbu Road.

Friday, April 22, 2016

Marriott Hotel's Crema: Dessert Overload

I just can’t get enough of our previous dessert treats with my officemates in Marriott Hotel’s Crema. I must tell you, it was absolutely overflowing with sweets and delightful pastries. 
We were four in the group; tried four different cakes and four different breads and sandwiches. 

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Mian Restaurant at Marriott

A good dining experience generates word of mouth marketing on behalf of the company. That’s why I wanted to share to you our recent dining experience with my colleagues at Mian Restaurant located at Marriott’s Grand Ballroom. Actually, I heard good reviews about the Mian through my friends too.

Top quality food, wonderful ambiance and excellent staff. These are the key points I’ve always been looking for whenever I go to a restaurant in search for another good dining experience. 

The restaurant is located at the ground floor of the ballroom. They serve Asian cuisine in a modern fusion of traditional and contemporary interior setting.

I believe everything depends on the first contact between the customer and the restaurant. I choose where to eat based on the ambiance, the interior, and the friendly staff. Basically the present mood of the restaurant for it sets the tone of the customers or tells them how to feel. We came into the Mian with what I’ve been looking for. Friendly staff welcomed us as we entered, elegant dining area, and a good lighting perfectly set our mood. The color scheme of the restaurant promotes a positive aura among us and brings excitement to have our order. 

For starters, we ordered pork jiaozi, a Chinese chorizo with soy calamansi lime dip and shrimp lumpiang sariwa. Colleagues really loved the Mian’s version of shrimp lumpiang sariwa. Good choice to start the Mian experience. 

Next thing to arrive was the Noodle Bowl. Chef’s Beef Noodle and Braised Pork Belly really excite me. I’m a noodle lover and I’m sure people like me will get hook with Chef’s Beef Noodle. 

Next is the Rice Bowl, which I believed the must try. We had Beef Caldereta and Pork Adobo, these two were my favorites. We all enjoyed how the preparation of the food was made, the tenderness of the meat was a real score, and the flavorful taste was just so perfect. You can’t go wrong with the Rice Bowl choices. 

So much enjoying the food, we haven’t noticed that it was about to finish when our dessert served on the next table. Halo halo it is! Came to our surprise, our halo-halo was also served in a very large bowl and we was really mouth watering. Shaved ice and evaporated milk to which are added with various boiled sweet beans, jello, ube halaya, ice cream and leche plan. A balance of sweetness and appetizing ingredient made this the all – time Filipino favorite dessert. 

It was really a rewarding time for us all of us, such been a busy and tough week at the office. It was a good choice that we had spent a sumptuous lunch at the Mian Restaurant. 
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