Eartheaven Re-Creation Center

Celebrate life and let your serene soul reunites in a verge where emergence of earth and heaven exist. Eartheaven Re-creation Center aims to stimulate spiritual and physical rebirth. It is a Christian Conference and Retreat Center is located in San Mateo, Rizal with vision to assist any group in achieving the integration of spirituality to their personal and corporate goals. The recreational and team-building activities, guided adventures and beautiful surroundings are combined with spiritual reflection from the word of God. 

Quick Guide on How to Get to Seoraksan National Park

Undeniably, South Korea’s charm captured the heart of many. Culture is still preserved while industrialization continues to progress. Not only these two made South Korea an all – time tourist dream destination but also its natural attractions such as Mt. Seoraksan which can be visited in Seoraksan National Park.

For people who are looking for adventure and breathtaking view, the National Park must be on your bucket list when in the country.

Red Planet Hotel: Look Like Freddy and Win Free Nights

Hey there millennials, Red Planet Hotel has a surprise for you! The hotel throws a creative way to give thanks to their loyal clients by giving 4 nights of staycation by simply posting your pictures on Instagram. It’s easy and fun! Here’s the mechanics of the game:

1. Take a picture of you or your friends - make sure you look like Freddy the Red Panda!

2. You can use stickers, makeup or costumes… it's up to you!
3. Post your photos or videos on Instagram (the more the better) and:
- Use the #BeFreddy and #RedPlanetFreddy hashtags
- Tag at least one of your friends and @redplanet_hotels
- Make sure your Instagram account is set to “Public."

AirAsia launches “Red Talks with Daphne” web series

For almost 10 years, AirAsia has been my most trusted airline which offers the best options to fly in and out of the country. AirAsia is the forefront of giving the most affordable airline fare in the country and making traveling possible to all walks of life.

AirAsia, voted the world's best low cost carrier for eight consecutive years by Skytrax, today formally launched a 6-part web series featuring some of Asia’s best-kept attractions, rich cultural heritage, and inside stories about people and the airline that broke travel norms and made flying possible for everyone across Asia and beyond.

“Red Talks with Daphne,” is hosted by award-winning TV host and producer, Daphne Oseña-Paez. She takes viewers to different places and talks about traveling, flying, helping and inspiring communities.

Four Awesome Things To Do in Yogyakarta

Listening to my friends’ travel stories stimulate my infinite imagination and let my soul delve with their beautiful narratives. One of the best chronicles I heard was about Yogyakarta and its adjoining places like Prambanan and the grandeur Candi Borobodor – the world’s biggest Buddhist monument, an ancient site widely considered to be one of the world’s seven wonders. Yogyakarta is a home to 31 sites and 19 cultural beautiful natural attractions to explore.

Natural attractions, wealth of art and traditions and cultural heritage to the culinary tour, surely you’ll can’t get enough of Yogyakarta’s precious bequest. Here are the top places you should consider when travelling to Yogyakarta.

Trip of Wonders: An Overview to Wonderful Indonesia

The memory still lingers, the benevolence of Indonesians left a great impact in my life as a traveler.  Everyone showed me such gracious hospitality. They taught me lose myself, next to find myself. Villagers let me experienced to see the bigger world in spite of the limited movement I do, to enjoy things even in the most inadequate resources, to seek new landscapes but in having new eyes, to appreciate little things. They have touched my heart and soul. It’s not only the amazing places that made Indonesia beautiful, but mainly its people. It was all happened when I did a solo backpacking in the country, on my birthday in 2013.  
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