Mimbalot Falls

Another splendid waterfalls here in Iligan is the Mimbalot Falls, located at Barangay Buru-un, Iligan. It is 11 km away from the urbanite. Mimbalot falls is 90ft high and 18ft wide. Unlike the gigantic Ma.Cristina Falls, this falls is rather a cute and welcoming falls with a breathtaking scene, perfect way for nature tripping. Dip in its pool basin with the cool and fresh water. 

How to Get here:

1.  Ride a bus in the Westbound – Bulua Bus and Jeepney Terminal, Cagayan De Oro going to Iligan - P70. 83km. for 2hours travel time

2. Jeep to Siudad (Iligan Market) - P7

3. Jeep to Buru-un (drop off at Ma. Cristina Falls) P10

4. Jeep from Ma. Cristina Falls to Timoga Spring P7

5. Jeep from Timoga Spring to Habal habal for Tinago Falls P7

6 Habal-habal to Tinago Falls and Mimbalut Falls - P100 good for 2 pax

7. Jeep from Buru – un going back to Siudad = P10

8. Bus going back to CDO = P70

 Total = P281

5 Days Northern Mindanao Invasion

Day 1    Arrival at Cagayan de Oro
Day 2    Whitewater Rafting at Cagayan de Oro River
              Macahambus Nature Park
Day 3    Camiguin Island
              White Island
Day 4    Bukidnon
Day 5    Iligan City
                 Maria Christina Falls
                 Mimbalot Falls
Tinago Falls

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