Cagsawa Ruins, Albay

Cagsawa Ruins has been the window of Albay’s elite landscape, the Mount Mayon. Depicting the historical rage of Mount Mayon about 2 centuries ago. On February 1, 1814, Mayon eruption was recorded as the worst eruption and killed 1200 people who went to the Church to retreat and make it as their sanctuary from the dreadful wrath of the volcano. 

Cagsawa Ruins epitomized the upsurge from the detriment of Mount Mayon. It has been a symbol or rich history and resilient people of Bicol Region.

With the development of the loval government of Daraga, Albay, the Cagsawa Ruins remains standing. Today, only the belfry is considered the remnants of the whole Cagsawa Church, a bitter icon of the past.

 Entrance fee is only P10.

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