CamSur WaterSports Complex

A Mecca for those water sports lovers, CamSur Watersports Complex has been the Philippines' prime facility for various water sports such as wake boarding and knee boarding. Located at the Provincial Capitol Complex, Cadlan, Pili, Camarines Sur. 

This is my first time in Bicol, Ton and Ate Jingky too. We deliberately visit the once acclaimed by the Australian Magazine as the world's best wakeboarding facility. Truly something that we can be brag of.

me :)
Ate Jingky and Ton

Rates are as follows: 
*You need to deposit P500 for the helmet and vest and valid ID, refundable upon return of  gears.

Half Day
P590 (5:00PM - 9:00PM)

As a beginner, we only tried the knee boarding, we paid P165. The board of kneeboarding is different from wakeboarding. See the difference below. 

Kneeboarding 101. 

Before anything else, be sure that your velcro strap is fairly wrap around your legs to prevent you from coming undone on a fall. But if ever it happens you can wiggle your body out of tightened strap if needed. Now, as a starting position, on a solid surface, lie on the board with your bended knee; lean back so that your elbow is place where your knees will end up.  Upon boarding, be sure to immediately place your weight back on your heels, keeping your arms straight counteracting the handle.

I'm next.
1 lap down!

For first timers, be careful with the ramps, with the sudden turns and with the unanticipated speed up of the cable.


  1. WOW!! ganda naman, Galing ah.. Ganda ng pictures! ^^

  2. Wow!! Ganda naman, miss the place and you too at c ton. :) Ganda ng pictures. One of the most memorable experience. :)

  3. Tama. Sarap lang balikan no, ate jinx? Kaso d mo ni try yan e. KJ mo jn. Inis! Hahaha


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