Asia's Longest Dual Zipline, Bukidnon

After our perilous whitewater rafting at Cagayan de Oro River and sightseeing tour at the beautiful Island of Camiguin, we headed at Dahilayan Adventure Park at Bukidnon. Here, we tried another exhilarating adventure, the Asia’s Longest Dual Zipline in Bukdinon. We soared the 840 meter long zip line with the speed of 90kph. Fly like Superman!

Located at Brgy. Dahilayan, Manolo Fortich, Bukidnon is a hidden timberland which is 4700 feet above sea level. A cold breeze welcomes you, as you continuously ascend to the Dahilyan Adventure Park.

Pine Trees all over.

Arrange your package at the Registration Booth.


Activity Rates are as follows:

1. Zip line

·               a. 320m+150 = P250

·               b.  840m = P500

·               c. All Zip Rides (320 + 150m + the 840m) = P600

2. Wall climb = P100

3. Rope course = P200 
4. Photo with Certificate = P100

*You need to sign a consent.

We chose the “All Zip Rides” for P600, unfortunately the Rope Course which I long dreamt is temporarily unavailable that time. Actually, this whole CDO – Camiguin – Bukidnon – Iligan tour was inspired by the movie of KC Conception and Sam MIlby. That movie was the eye opener for me to go to Mindanao. LOL. Going back, we tried first the 320m +120m zip ride.

Safety First!

The 320m zip line!

Our 320m landing! 

Next, the 120m zip ride.
At the end point of the 120m zip ride, the Rope Course is located.

And the most awaited part. The 840m zip ride. A 4x4 truck brought us in the highest point of the park, also the point where the deck for the 840m is situated.

This is created by stringing a very strong cable between two points, and attaching a pulley to the cable.

Our group's turn. Me and Ton were the first to experienced the Asia's Longest Dual Zipline. Have you ever experienced the feeling of ambivalence, scared but excited!

Fly in an aerial runway with a total length 840 meter long zipline, again the Asia's Longest with the speed 90kph. Feel the kiss of the cold breeze and the scent of pine trees throughout the ride.

The principle, the heavier, the faster, and the happier ride too!

And we survived the Asia's Longest Zipline.
5 Days Northern Mindanao Invasion

Day 1    Arrival at Cagayan de Oro
Day 2    Whitewater Rafting at Cagayan de Oro River
              Macahambus Nature Park
Day 3    Camiguin Island
              White Island
Day 4    Bukidnon
Day 5    Iligan City
                 Maria Christina Falls
                 Mimbalot Falls
                 Tinago Falls

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