Undefeatable summer destination for the locals and for the foreigners,  and now an all year round tourist destination. Boracay not only offers the perfect white sand but a variety of activities that you could only relish in Boracay, simply because it's Boracay. 

You shouldn’t miss the air (parasailing) and underwater (reef walking) activity. Parasailing during peak season requires reservation, lot of vacationers want to experience that recreational activity, fly for about 500 meters high as you are harnessed to a colorful canopy wing/ canopy chute and lifted through the air while being pulled by a speed boat. The rate for this activity is per head basis, ranging from P1500-P1200 during off peak season and when peak season it increases for as much as P2200. When we when there,  January 2012, the agent quoted P1500 each, but with our expert haggling skills, we made it down to P900.  Don’t be reluctant to haggle the price, they are already immune to that, thousands and millions of tourists are doing that to them every single transaction. It is an ordinary thing! 

Next activity you should deliberately try is the Reef Walking , also known as the Helmet Diving. It involves wearing a helmet filled with oxygen inside by a tube connected to the  helmet. Go down deep as 20 feet below the sea and see the vibrant coral reefs and colorful fishes. Meet Nemo down there! The rate for this is P500 but we got it at P300. Okay, we saved P800 each for the two activities, enough for another activity such banana boat and flying fish, unfortunately we didn't have enough time because that period we need to catch up the van going to Iloilo for the Dinagyang Festival. Actually, Boracay is just a side trip. We only stayed at Boracay for 1 night and half day but I believed that we were able to maximize our Boracay trip. I owe Boracay at least 2N3D stay. See you next time lovely Boracay!

Additional travel trip:  Best way to haggle is to take two or three activities, ask for mark down for each activity. Hope you’ll enjoy your Boracay vacation, don’t forget to bring your haggling skills, okay?

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  1. Amazing haggling skills! You have the cheapest parasailing rate i've seen so far. Love your photos esp the underwater one! So wacky and so fun!How did you manage to haggle so low? Did you apporach the agents directly or went through a middleman? Which agent did you go? Diamond? Red coral? I sooo hope to go to boracay next year. :D


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