Aida's last day in PH: Subic Tree Top Adventure

I knew it was written in the stars, the collision of beautiful souls, strong friendship shaped between Aida and me and the rest of our circle…

Perhaps one of the most depressing event will cross in our lives is physically losing a friend, away from you, a thousand miles away from you. That day (April 26, 2012), was Aida’s last day here in the Philippines, for she'll be back home in Saudi. We spent it differently, adrenaline rush rather than pouring unhappy emotions that we weren’t accustomed.

She’s a Muslim, was born in Ethiopia but grew up in Saudi Arabia, nurtured by a Filipino school throughout her primary and secondary education, pursued her Bachelor and Masters Degree in our country for 7 long years. She speaks Filipino fluently, more fluent to those nag iinarteng balikbayan, innately embraced our culture and a pure blooded Filipina by heart and soul. Aida is lovely and beautiful inside.. and out. Of course!

The day before her departure, we had a quick conversation over the phone and decided to spend her last day here in PH with our friend, Ton. We planned to visit the Tree Top Adventure in Subic. Also that night, we met in Cubao Bus Terminal, en route to Olongapo (Ton's hometown).

Her last day...

We woke up around 7:00am,  had our breakfast in Ton’s beautiful mansion and started our Subic adventure early because we needed to get back in Manila, particularly in the airport before 8:00pm on that day to catch her flight to Saudi Arabia. 

By 10:00am we arrived at the Tree Top Adventure. We bought our tickets (package of activities) at the counter and attended the almost 10-minute orientation/safety precaution measures.

Our first activity is the Canopy Walk, it is almost a 10 minutes of walk in a metal bridge surrounded by a lushes of green plants and trees. 

At the end of the bridge is the connecting point of the canopy ride. Canopy Ride is somewhat like riding in a hanging chair. At first, our sequence was, Ton seated at the first hanging chair followed by Aida and I’m on the last for I was really afraid of heights in all means. Then we alternate seats every after stop. At first, I was really afraid and my knees were shaking but in latter part, I appreciated the unspoiled forest 100 feet above the ground. It was a total adventure trail for we were suspended in the highest branches of trees by crossing 4 suspension bridges and taking 5 motorized cable rides with 220 meters long.

I didn’t see fear in Aida’s eyes but merely a gloomy ambiance that converted to overwhelming fun. She started the day right, just encouraging positive vibes that transmitted to us. 

After the Canopy Ride we went to the other end of the  Tree Top Adventure, there we found our next ride, the Ultimate Adventure - Superman Ride. We got harnessed first by the safety officer then went to the third level of the tower, positioned ourselves, suspended face down and feet up in 140 meters long and 100 meters high thrilling trail. We were literally like superman while flying in the air. Experience real wildlife!


Since Aida availed the Silver Surfer and Interactive Free Fall Adventure, and these two were in the same area of the Superman Ride, we let her experienced it first before heading to our major ride, the Tree Drop Adventure.

Silver Surfer. It was like a big swing, Aida rock back and forth as she was standing up as and securely glided above Subic’s Majestic rainforest. 

Next was the exhilarating rush of adrenaline, the Interactive Free Fall Adventure,  she was securely harnessed while hanging upside down in the air for 5-cycle extreme fun. She was screaming really loud and i thought she was the best time here in Ph. 

After the Interactive Free Fall was the highlight, the Tree Drop Adventure. Ton didn't avail the Tree Drop Adventure for he already tried it many times, Aida and me included it in our package. But as I mentioned, heights isn't my thing, so I gave my pass to Aida, he tried it twice. She first tried the conventional position and then the second is the Australian style (face down). Aida surely wanted to experienced all the best in her last hours here.   

It was a thrilling adventure for the three of us, at the end of the day I and Aida went back to Manila to catch her evening flight.

Until we meet again my friend, see you in Dubai as you proposed as the venue of our reunion. Ang layo ah, Pisti! :) 

Their awesome packages!

Package A
Includes canopy ride, Canopy Walk, Trekking and Jungle Survival Demo
Rate: 400Php/person

Package B
Includes Canopy ride, Superman Ride, Canopy Walk
Rate: 500Php/person

Package C
Includes Canopy ride, Superman Ride, Canopy Walk & Trekking and Jungle Survival Demo
Rate: 600Php/person

Package D
Includes Canopy Ride, Tree Top Adventure, Canopy Walk & Trekking and Jungle Survival Demo
Rate: 550Php/person

Package E
Includes Canopy Ride, Superman Ride,Tree Drop Adventure and Canopy Walk 
Rate: 620Php/person

Package F
Includes Canopy Ride, Superman Ride,Tree Drop Adventure, Canopy Walk and Trekking and Jungle Survival Demo
Rate: 720Php/person

Package G
Superman Ride, Silver Surfer and Interactive Free Fall
Rate: 650Php/person 

Package H
Includes Canopy Ride, Superman Ride,Tree Drop Adventure, Canopy Walk, Silver Surfer and Interactive Free Fall Trekking and Jungle Survival DemoRate: 1120Php

Contact Details
Tree Top Adventure: Subic Branch
JEST Area, Upper Mau Cubi Point Subic Bay Freeport Zone 2222
Telefax Number: +047.252.9425
Mobile: +63.920.628.8740+63.920.628.8740 /
Or visit their website at

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