How to get to Banaue Rice Terraces & Sagada

Ohayami Trans Bus Line has direct trip to Banaue, located at cor. J. Fajardo St. Lacson ave. Sampaloc. It is a 9 hours long drive with two stop overs. The schedule of the trip is 10:00pm daily for P450.
Contact numbers for Manila office are +63 927 6493055 and +63 02 5160501. 

Banaue is a small town in Ifugao, home of the world renowned Banaue Rice Terraces.
Aside from the famous Banaue Rice Terraces you can also visit:
1. Batad Rice Terraces. Also located in Banaue, it is home to the amazing amphitheatre-shaped terraces, perhaps the best place to view the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

2. Hapao Rice Terraces. Its stone-walled rice terraces date back to 650 AD and is located in Hungduan.

3. Kiangan Rice Terraces. two famous rice terraces is situated here, the Nagacadan and Julungan.

Where to stay in Banaue

1.  Nature's Mist Lodge. 
     Contact details: +639184409932  

2. Las Vegas Restaurant and Lodge. Rooms available at only P250 per person.
    Contact details: Ms. LJ Solano  at 09478917003 

3. People's Lodge.
    Contact detail: Mrs. Esberta G. Terrado
    Mobile: +63 919 532 5605
    Landline: +63 74 386 4014

4. Stairway Restaurant and Lodge. Single room begins at P600
    Contact detail: Owner / Manager: Pinky Dulnuan-Padua
    Phone: +63 916 456 7346

5. Greenview Lodge.
    Contact detail: Mr. & Mrs. Julio Uyami, Proprietors
    Phone: +63 920 540 4225

6. Fairview Inn.
    Contact detail: +63 919 424 8201

If you wish to go to Sagada from Banaue. Here's how:

1. From Poblacion, Banaue ride a van going to Bontoc for P150, it is roughly 2 to 2.5 hours ride. 
2. From Bontoc, ride a jeep/multi-cab going to Sagada for P70, it is 45 minutes ride. 
Where to stay in Sagada

Bunch of lodges/pension houses are just around the corner for as low as P250/person/night
1. Ganduyan Inn – 09212738097
2. Sagada Guest House – 09189385601
3. Gecko Inn – 09202895471
4. Sagada Kanip-aw View Loadge -09282847507 
5. Masferre Country Inn - 09183416164
6. Shamrock Tavern – 09301955680 
7. Bagalima Riverside Inn – 09477046613 
8. Saint Joseph Rest House – 09185595934
9. Residential Loadge - 091996728744

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