Surviving Lumiang - Sumaging Cave Connection

I have 4 "S" for you, Survive, Sagada, Sumaging and Spelunking! Spelunking, the hobby or practice of exploring caves. Here in Sagada, you can have it all in just one famous work of art; you can't miss the legendary Sumaging Cave also known as the 'Big Cave'. Let your eyes banquet to the  majestic caverns and the orifices inside it. Be overwhelmed at the mystical scenery and wobbly terrain; be delighted at the fascinating rock formations like King’s Curtain, Rice Granary, Dancing Hall and Cauliflower.

"No pain, no gain” that promises greater value rewards for the price of hard work. It will take so much fulfillment if you trek, wall climb and rappel  for 3 to 4 hour journey before reaching the main attraction. Lumiang – Sagada  Cave Connection is the activity to conquer! Lumiang Cave is alternative passageway to those people who wants mental and physical fatigue going to Sumaging Cave. Its a subterranean masked with total darkness, but have no fear because you’ll have your licensed tour guide that will assist you in the greatest expedition of your life. So common!

First, imagine yourself as a visitor to conventional house, to enter the house, you need to surpass a door. And here what it looks like in the house of Hades! 

You need to enter in a tiny hole, but what's more challenging is that its almost 3 meters downward "door". Pass in to the hole, spread your legs in a claustrophobic tunnel in order to support  your whole body and grasp the rope for the descension. There is no harness, just your powerful grasping ability and your lower and upper extremities strength.  

After this challenge, be prepared for more rapelling and wall climbing activities.

After wall climbing, you need now to crawl for you to enter this small passage. Seems like never ending hardship?

Well, it is not about hardship after all, you'll pass by some of the nature's splendid gift.

The Rice Granary

This one is all about uncertainty. Unimaginably how to stride down for it is too deep when you look at it. Really!

The Lumiang - Sumaging Cave Connection is about to finish whenever you reach this unmeasured sink hole. No one knows how deep this orifice is.

It can be a massive mental exhaustion on how to surpass each descension. 


Be honored, as you are standing at the King's Curtain Hall. Magnificent, isnt it?

What's more divine than seeing these sculptures?

Spot as many rock formations as you can in the Big Cave, just bring your creative imagination!

The Snake Formation

And lastly, be thankful as you see another God's wonderful masterpiece.

Rice terraces in the end point of the cave connection.


  1. I did survived sumaging cave but I never tried Lumiang before. If ill be given a chance to go back to sagada i will definitely conquer my fear to try Lumiang!
    Good post for this one now i see how complicated the route to lumiang cave huhuh...

  2. Seriously this is how hard it is?! I am having a second thought haist....


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