Ati-atihan Festival

Witness the most tourist friendly festival in the country; join as they dance in the street of Kalibo in the rhythms of the drums with their most colorful tribal costumes. Shout ‘Hala Bira! Pwera Pasma! Viva Senyor Santo Nino!’ to rejoice the arrival of Sto. Nino on the island of Panay.

Held annually on the 3rd week of January, a long week of fun, celebration and religious events. The atmosphere in Kalibo is filled with terrific drum beats and fun people. The street dancing competition is the main attraction of the festival; the participants highlighted their whole body in black paint and dressed with costumes. This is because the festival is named after the Ati or "to be like aetas", the early settlers of the Panay Island.

Unlike other festivals in the country, Ati-atihan Festival completely allows everyone to join in the parade. We’re sure that you’ll enjoy taking photos with the participants that you desperately wanted to do in other festivals.

Every Saturday of the long week celebration, tribes representing their respective barangay flock in the streets of Kalibo towards the Plaza Pastrana, the venue of the activity.

We also shared the great moments in Ati-atihan festival with the country’s top bloggers, kuya Mervs of, Enrico of, kuya Ramil and Edgar of and also the festival photographer, kuya Rob of It was a three days fun filled experience with them.

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