Another town to explore after you finished exploring the Hundred Islands in Alaminos City is the town of Bolinao. Bolinao is definitely one of the tourist destinations in Pangasinan that you should intentionally visit. Home of the famous Cape Bolinao Lighthouse and Patar beach. Bolinao is just 34 kilometers away from Alaminos City.

Places to see. 

Cape Bolinao Lighthouse in Patar, is one of the well-known lighthouses in the town of Bolinao, Pangasinan. A century built lighthouse that stands 351 feet above the sea level. Erected on top of the outlying rocky hill of Punta Piedra Point, the lighthouse faces the South China Sea. 

Patar Beach  
Located at the Lingayen Gulf, the scenic town of Bolinao boasts an exquisite coastline with a lovely beach, on the top of the list is the Patar beach with a picturesque rock formation and cliffs and beautiful shoreline.

Wonderful Cave

Wonderful cave is a small underground cave encapsulated by limestone rocks. The water inside the cave is magnificent, a crystal clear one. Dipping in the water will vanish the warmth of you body, very relaxing water.

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