Calaguas Island

Philippines is fairly eminent for having some of the world's most serene beaches and islands.  We have Boracay, beaches in Palawan, Camiguin Island, Bohol, Cebu and Davao, All are distinctly beautiful of its own, maintained the virgin appearance, but has been dupe of tourist development.  If you are looking for a native charm but truly an ectasy, Calaguas Island is the answer.

Unparalleled beauty and allure, tucked with long stretch of white sand, breathtaking crystal clear water and surrounded by rich foliage and mountains. The Island is definitely a lost paradise.   

It is a group of 20 plus islands and islets but the Mahabang Buhangain Beach of Tinaga Island exalted to the grandeur and offer extreme satisfaction to your weary soul.

Such a docile Pacific Ocean. Lovely!

The island is approximately two and half hour boat ride from Paracale, Camarines Norte, it's about 15 nautical miles away, so imagine how far it is from the mainland. But, Calaguas island is worth it after all. Be stunned as your boat get closer to  the island for you will witness a syndicating azure and turquoise color sea. Justly awesome!

About to land Mahabang Buhangin Beach.

Jumping off from the boat upon reaching the shore of the island will definitely bring you to euphoria for its water is so pure, the island is so pristine and tranquil.

Get ready to walk barefoot on the beach and feel the powdery, squishy and soothing white sand of Mahabang Buhangin Beach.

Ton, Cis, Alvin & Cheche

After an almost two hour long voyage you can rest for a while in a small breezy and shady cottage that stand at the beach front. There is no resorts in Mahabang Buhangin Beach, just a primitive nipa hut, enjoy the beach bum life. Cottage rental cost P100, you can also ask for 'paluto' in the nearby sari-sari store for your meal.

Or simply fetch your camping tent. Thanks to Mang Boy, our boatman for the free use of his tent. 

In the middle of the afternoon, the scorching heat pull us to take a deep in the sea.The water is cool and isn't that salty.

Let me introduce to you the true definition of crystal clear water. I just can't get enough of the absoluteness!

The Beach Bummers!

Cheche & Ton

Tanned KirkAnatomy

If you really wish to have a perfect getaway to an unspoiled and captivating island, the Calagus is perfect for you!

Uncrowded & Peaceful Mabahang Buhangin Beach.


Did you know walking barefoot in the sand is good for  the muscles in your feet and also in your calves. It is said to be that, it burn up to 50 percent more calories than walking on a flat surface because it is much harder to walk on.

For those people who are foot spa lovers, walking barefoot on the beach has the same effect as exfoliating dead skin cells in your feet. Those tiny sands  act as a natural exfoliant that help to shed off the old skin and improve its natural regeneration. 


  1. ang ganda ng calaguas! sana matuloy na kami dito. thanks for sharing

  2. @lakwatserong tsinelas - sobrang ganda sa calaguas. hindi ko nabilang kung ilan beses ako nag sabi ng 'ang ganda!!' hahaha. kelan kayo pupunta din? :)

    1. wala pa sched. inaayos ko pa. hehe pag bumalik ka pasama. hehe

  3. this is by far one of the most alluring post I have read on Calaguas. I hope to set foot on this rare gem in its unspoiled wonder.

    Salamat neto Kirk :)

  4. I love all your shots and posts in all wonderful places in the Philippines. My friends and I will be home soon and thanks for posting our country's beautiful nature. It helps me to encourage my friends from CZ to visit our country...kudos!

  5. @weng - thanks po. Enjoy Calaguas! :)

  6. ngayon ko lang nabasa at nakita ang website mo but im a traveler as well so i enjoy watching all the pictures that you posted. me and my friends are planning to go there this Thu(11/28). Any suggestions of a budget friendly way of enjoying the whole trip? thank you so much. hope to meet you as well.

    1. Hi nurse_mumu.
      Aside from transportation for both land and sea transfer wala naman po kayong gagastusin bukod sa food nyo. Pwedeng bumili muna kayo ng food sa Paracale para mas makatipid.
      Im sure makita at makatapak lang kayo sa Calaguas e sobrang enjoy na nun! :)
      See you on the road!

      Pls like my fb page like button on the side bar for more travel updates! Thanks!


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