Caramoan Island

Got hooked to the reality TV show, Survivor? Are you also a Survivor wanna be? Caramoan Island will surely bring you to that atmosphere, yes it is! Caramoan Islands is actually the favourite location of the reality series Survivor USA.  Survivor France, Italy, Sweden and Serbia are amongst country that have been astonished by the Island. A prime paradise that the world must see. Caramoan  is a secluded group of virgin and beautiful islands in Camarines Sur.

It is a 2-hour drive from Naga to Sabang Port for P125 and another 2-hour boat ride from the Sabang port to the Guijalo Port, Caramoan for P120. In Guijalo Port you need to pay P30 for the environmental fee. Tricycle to the Centro cost P30 each. This is the other side of Guijalo Port looks like when low tide. In this side, there is no deck; so prepare for an early water adventure. 

From the Centro of Caramoan Island you need to ride a tricycle going to shore, from there several boatmen are available to take  you for an island hopping.  You can opt for a short trip and/or a long trip. Short trip can be done half day, it includes, Minanglahos, Cagbalingad, Lahos and Matukad Island for P1500 only. Long trip includes Manlawi, Bugtong, Tagbon Island for P2500.

a 15 minutes trike ride to the shore

Minaglahos Island

Minaglahos Island is our first stop, just a small island with breathtaking giant limestone. Picture taking is the only thing you can do here. You can stay here even for  5 – 10 minutes only. But if you really fascinated by the first island, then you can stay longer i guess, just tell your boatman. Minaglahos is really the window of the Caramoan Island hopping adventure.

Cagbalinad Island
Few minutes from Minaglahos is Cagbalinad island. This island is more interesting than the first one, for not only the breathtaking giant limestone framing it, but it has an incredibly big rock , a really huge one.

Lahos Island
Afar, Lahos Island is just an ordinary white island with crystal clear water, but after my bare feet touched the island, I noticed that the island has two bodies of water on each side. The other side is where the boat dock and the other side is a beautiful sea, but underwater is a rocky filled surface, better have an aqua shoes or slippers.  

Glorious limestone indeed.
Going to the other side of the island.

A huge wave welcome us at the other side of the island, we’re not sure if we gonna enjoy this bold surge.

A really huge wave isn't it? Don’t be depressed, just enjoy the wave and let it shove you back and forth. Just wear you life vest so that you can float. Laugh and scream because this is really fun. I swear!



You can’t leave the Caramoan without seeing the famous legendary “bangus” in a secret lagoon in the Matukad Island.  According to the local tale, long time ago there were two bangus swimming around the lagoon and believed to be the guardian of the place then one fisherman caught the other bangus and brought it to his family, the whole family died after eating the bangus, only to know that the bangus has a curse. Risk your life if you really wanted to see that remaining intriguing bangus for you will climb in a steep spiky limestone in a height of a 3-storey building. Prepare your strong grasping ability in coordination with your lower extremities.
How did you get there ate Kim?

See the legendary bangus?

Going deeper

After a tiring and deathifying vertically climb, swim and rest in a cold water of Matukad Island.


Photos by: Mary Daylin Palma 

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