Melaldo 2013: Cutud Lenten Rites (Part 1)

Penetensya or self-flagellation in an act of severe punishing of oneself during the Holy Week. Every Good Friday, devotees viewed self – flagellation or penance as a self-punishment for the sins they have committed with the desire to be forgiven. It has been four decades of lenten rites here in Brgy San Pedro, Cutud, Pampanga.

It is fairly the same with what Jesus Christ has suffered in his last hours, devotee doing a barbaric torture to their selves by whipping their back with a bamboo rod which has been the instrument of punishing and of voluntary penance. 

The practice starts at 10:00 in the morning, groups of penitent assemble everywhere in the narrow street of Brgy. San Pedro. As I observed, whipping of their back with a bunch of bamboo rods is not enough, they have this instrument filled with sharp blades that made specially to slice a little bit of their skin; maybe for the additional pain, additional suffering and thus more blood oozing, more intense way of self-flagellation.  

Click here for the PART II - Actual Crucifixion of the Penitents 

*Keep posted for Cutud Lenten Rites 2014 / Melaldo 2014


  1. ganda ng photos! ikaw na ang may Media ID! ahahaha! choz! :)

  2. hehe. salamats. idol kasi kita Pinoy Adventurista! :)


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