White Island

Medan Island also known as the famous White Island in Camiguin is located just 1 km off shore. It is a C – shaped sandbar which varies its shape and size depends on the tides. White island as the name implies is a huge plain white sandbar with perfect clear water, good for snorkelling and diving activities  for it is surrounded with vibrant coral reef. Massive forest of Black Coral is nested on the other side. 

There are no permanent structures in the sandbar, so it’s advisable to bring your stand umbrella if you wanted to spend long hours in such beautiful isolated island.

Luckily, during our visit a we have this floating nipa hut to rest in.

Strike a pose with the picturesque Mt. Hibok-hibok at your back. 

Spend in the White Island up to sunset.

To make a trip to White Island, you can rent a pump boat for 300 - 500 Pesos round trip.

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  1. Bakit nung nag-White Island kami wala pang kubo? Anyway, ang ganda diyan no! Lalo na yung view ng Hibok-Hibok. :)


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