Whitewater Rafting at Cagayan de Oro River

Do you have the guts to experience the real adrenaline rush? White Water Rafting is the superlative of all. Cagayan de Oro is the home of the picturesque and nerve-racking whitewater rafting. Now, Cagayan de Oro River is satisfactorily contributing a large popularity to the tourism of the city and brought outsized jobs to the locals and also one of the generating income of the city.

Whitewater rafting is a challenging recreational activity using an inflatable raft to navigate a river. This is usually done on a rough water, in order to thrill and excite the raft passengers. 

Together with my friends, we tried the beginners course, it is a 3-hour long thrilling adventure with 14 rapids for P700/pax.  

Before anything else, rafters should wear proper rafting attire; it is a must. Wear comfortable shorts and t-shirts that should not restrict your movement and it also prevent sunburn. For conceited women, spandex leggings are also advisable for it may help to minimize darkening of their legs. For footwear, it is advisable  to have aqua shoes, but if none, you can opt for open sandals with strap to avoid losing it during a strong current. Lastly, wear helmet to avoid head injuries and life vest.

Safety first! Of course, you need to have knowledge on how you will paddle in order to manipulate the inflatable raft. The guide will teach you different paddling points. He will also teach you techniques on how to survive in case accident happens.  Take it seriously!

There are proper time for picture taking. Listen first to the safety instructions!

Don't worry, for the whole course an expert rafter is with  you, he will also be your captain, so better come with a clean ears, for the captain will command what paddling point you guys will do in a certain circumstances. Be alert!

Ton with our guide, the captain of the raft!

All set and done, so common! First thing you should do is simply pray, for you might not do it next time. Kidding! Just relax and surrender yourself to the strong current that will bring you at the first rapid. 

The first rapid is not that strong; from here I guess you will begin to develop a confidence that you can survive in a 4 hours exhilarating course.

But expect the unexpected! Some of the rapids can be noxious if you don’t hold tight at the inflatable raft; strong current can push you out of the raft. 

This is the significance of listening cautiously to the safety instruction; in this case, we were about to bump in a rocky wall, as instructed, positioned your head with that durable helmet aiming frontward but face down to protect your head from possible fracture.

After several rapids, you’ll begin to enjoy the course. Scream, shout and laugh all the way. This is actually a fun filled adventure and could be a stress buster. Enjoy!

Here's our Itinerary, expenses, how to get there and accommodation for the entire 5 days Northern Mindanao Invasion. 

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  1. River rafting in CDO is one of those that fancy me but I am scared haha. Ganda ng photos and you looked you really had the best experience here.


  2. sobrang enjoy po, you should try doc wends! hehe. :>

  3. Hi Kirk,

    I am going to CDO, do you have activity suggestions for me, to be able to put it in my Itenerary?


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