Travel Torture, Scandal & Lie

Here's the extremes of my funniest, silliest & dumbest travel moments. 

Maselang BAHAGhari.

Is Weekend Getaway familiar to you? It is a travel reality show hosted by Drew Arellano and was aired in GMA News TV 11 (Byahe ni Drew is the replacement show). Yes, we’ve been part of the show; we were the first Zambales Weekend Warriors (Episode #11). Zambales is also known as the home of our dear Aetas, for our 3rd and last travel mission, it has something to do with them. Upon arrival in the set, we were welcomed by the chieftain and the whole community wearing their native clothes. I saw a table with a plate on it covered by another plate; from there I thought our last mission was to eat an exotic food like snake, frog or a rat. But to our surprise, it was not a fried frog nor grilled snake nor a stewed rat, but just a piece of fabric. The chieftain disclosed that our last travel mission was to fight in a dance battle with their members, and we need to do it by wearing that piece of fabric which will be our ‘BAHAG’. Then suddenly the chieftain asked us if,  “Uwi o Bahag?”, we nodded helplessly and mumbingly said  BAHAGGGGGG!

Yes we wore that bahag in front of the Aeta community, all were laughing hard at us, plus the crew of the show with their cameras recording the whole thing and were shown in national TV. 

Sinulog Festival 2010 Bombing.

I’m among who have irritable bowel syndrome whenever excited in an event or anything. Earlier that morning, my stomach was already in terrible condition, I planned to buy an anti-motility meds but in hurry to get some good shots of the participants in the streetdance competition I forgot to buy one. Lunch time, I felt a World War III going on in my stomach and I couldn’t hold it anymore, I was in severe headache, maybe because I’m lacking of oxygen or somehow my body is accumulating so much lactic acid that made everything painful and harder for me. With extreme urgency or should I call it emergency I  went straight to Chowking, but as expected, restaurants and fast food chains were jump packed with a horrible long line in their Rest Room. I looked for other restaurants but couldn’t find a vacant rest room. I went back to Chowing and saw this Rest Room for Disabled perpendicular to the ladies. As I enter the rest room I found out that door knob was not working, maybe the reason why there was no one using it, and so I thought to find again somewhere else, but my body says, ‘go seat down to your throne NOW’. And so I made it very quick, ughh!!!! A sense of nirvana! And while I was swiping my tooooot with wet wipes, the door accidentally open and the ladies in the line waiting for their turn got shocked with what they saw. I couldn’t remember anymore how fast and how I was able to fix my pants and all, but the whole process of fixing myself - the door was widely open. And with my face down, I walked out in massive shame! I’m not sure if the ladies enjoyed what they saw or hated. But I remember a blush on their faces. LOL.


That was our last day in Iloilo, and time for pasalubong moments, together with my two friends we bought various pasalubong for our families, we just save exact money for the terminal fee,  that would probably cause less than P100 only.

In the airport, we got surprised that beautiful Iloilo International Airport's  terminal fee is freakin’ P200, unlike other domestic airports ranging from P40-P100.  To make it short, my money wasn’t enough for the terminal fee, so I borrowed to my friend. And the three of us left short with our budget. Luckily my friend brought his car and parked it at NAIA Terminal 3, thinking that we could go home smoothly. Yeah!

While in the plane, we questioned ourselves how we could able to take the car out of parking lot if we don’t have enough money. *Ouch!

Landed in the NAIA 3, we went straight to the parking lot, we saw a janitress and we decided to make a silly script. And here how it goes.

Me: Ate, help! Nawala ko ung wallet ko sa Iloilo, di ako sure if nahulog yung papunta ko sa airport e. 
*with so much paawa & tuliro effect!

Ate Janitress: *poker face* 

Me: Ate help naman, may dala kasi kameng kotse at wala kame pambayad sa parking fee, P200 lang naman po. 

Ate janitress: Ay ganun ba, kawawa naman kayo. 

Me: Ate, pahiram naman ng P200, eto cellphone ko oh, jan lang yung bahay ng isa kong kaibigan, balikan ka namen  agad.

Ate Janitress: Oh sige, akin na cellphone mo. Eto P200 oh! 

Me: Salamat po, oh eto pa ate, sayo na din tong tinapay from Iloilo. salamat ulit!

Thanks to my expert acting skills, we were able to get the car out. We went straight to my friend’s house and get his $100 and got back to NAIA terminal 3 to exchange the dollar into peso and find the Ate janitress to get my  vintage nokia phone. That was the most hilarious alibi I made in my whole life. Yes, lesson learned! Don't spend to much in a pasalubong and don't underestimate the calculation of your budget, always be realistic when it comes to budget

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  1. I love the Sinulog "bombing" moment. hahaha. I can relate as it happened to me before somewhere , so ashame , i rather not to remember ....hahahaha

  2. Hahahahaha! The famous Bahag challenge!

  3. bwisit bahag challenge. di ako prepared. di ako nakapag hilod muna. kainis. joke. hahaha

  4. hahahaha!laughtrip nga yung "Bombing Moment" mo!

    ang hirap sa pakiramdam no, pero sobrang sarap pag nalabas mo sama ng loob! hahah

    1. Hahaha. Naalala ko tuloy. Para kong bulate na nilagyan ng asin sa pagka tuliro ko nun. Hahaha. Ung sakit ng tyan e ang layo ng ni radiate, gang ulo ko. Hahaha.

  5. panalo yung drama nyo sa airport!!! haha... i remembered during college when i went short of money at isang tricycle nlang bahay na... using my thick face ability i talked to a sales lady in a store (that was 3 am) and asked her for 50... i left my id as a collateral...

    nice post...

    1. Hahaha. We left no choice but to use our charm. Boom! Joke. Hahahaha.

      Binalikan mo ba ung ID mo, ser? Haha

  6. Lakas ng tawa ako dito. I know what the ladies thought when they saw you. PM ko nalang hahahah

  7. Eto ba yung naka bahag na kwento mo? HAHAHAHA XD #nuffsaid


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