The Identical Beauty of Twin Lagoon

As our boat cruise to the ingress of the lagoon, everybody hold their breath as magnificent limestone rock formations salute us on our way to the dock of twin lagoon, it was an extensive period of silence, we were amazed how nature created this one of a kind marvel. Upon influx to the first, crystal clear water greeted and we just let our body to adrift to the quay. After awakening to this wonderful dream and realizing that wasn't reverie, we walked towards the second lagoon through a man-made bridge, swam in a fresh water with mixture of salt water, alternating cold and warm water freely touched our skin.

The First Lagoon

The Second Lagoon

Then we reached the famous fissure of the second lagoon, which is more exciting to penetrate for you need to swim underneath the rocks. We successfully crossed the fissure that brought us to the hidden second lagoon. Huge sky blue body of water smirked at us, surprised to see that beyond that hole lies a very deep lagoon. We just succumbed ourselves to this stunning lagoon. Towering limestone encapsulated the body of crystal clear water, making the lagoon more reserved and relaxed and at peace.

This is the fissure underneath the rock that you need to cross in order to see the second lagoon
Amazingly beautiful, crystal clear water!

Twin lagoon is really one of the highlights of Coron's island hopping experience.

Note: During high tide, it is more likely impossible to cross the hole underneath the rock, but you can use the ladder in order to witness the second lagoon. Ask your boatman  to bring you at twin lagoon during the low tide hours. Enjoy island hopping! 

Contact detail:

Kuya Jason: 0908 505 36 870908 505 36 87 (Boatman)


              1. Whole day Island hopping, as many islands as you want - P1400 
                  (good for 3 to 4 person)
                  (exclusive of entrance fee to each island)
               2. Entrance fee:
                     a. Twin Lagoon. P100
                     b. Barracuda Lake. P100
                     c. Siete Pecados (Snorkeling Site) P100
                     d. Kayangan Lake. P200
                     e. others. P100


  1. isa ito sa paborito ko during the island hopping tour sa Coron! :)

  2. @pinoy adventurista - ako din kuya mervz, sarap lang mag relax sa 2nd lagoon. kahit hindi na mag swim swim. sarap! haha

  3. ang ganda naman talaga sa Coron, mapuntahan na nga yan next year...

    1. Ay bakit pa next year, pwede naman next month. Ganda ng isa mong blog. Pang mayaman! LOL:)

  4. Palawan is really beautiful. I've already been to El Nido but Coron is really inviting as well, guess I have to give it a visit too.

  5. Hi, thank you for your page. I found this extremely helpful in planning for my trip. Just a question, what is your starting point for the island hopping tour? And did you take the boat from the very beginning of the tour or did it require you to switch from one mode of transportation to another? Thanks.


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