The Most Spectacular Show in Coron: Sunset at the Top of Mt.Tapyas

Heard from the locals, best time to climb the Mt. Tapyas is at sunset.  Aside from the famous huge cross erected at the top of Mt. Tapyas, sunset is the next attraction. They even said to prepare ourselves to witness the most spectacular show in Coron.

It was 5:00 in the afternoon when we started the most enduring and challenging part, climbing the stairs with 700+ steps. On our first hundred steps, we three were cheerful and all out smile on our faces and on most fast phase, the second hundred steps, still cheerful, smile on our faces started to vanish. On our 300 steps, I endured the fatigue, the two of them, rest in a bench for tired visitors. On 500th step, I started to see the amazing view of Coron, I pulled out all my adrenaline to rush to the top of Mt. Tapyas. Finally, 5:20pm I reached the top, my sluggish body began to feel bushed and exhausted, but I believed that my father bequest to me his healthy testosterone, few seconds, I regained my energy, excited to take pictures of the lovely Coron from above. Mountains afar were seen from there, sprinkled to the vast body of water. Venice and Lorie still on the 400th step, I shouted them from the top of Mt. Tapyas, "ENERGYYYYY!" because they were really slow. They reached the top of Mt. Tapyas 15 minutes after. Just right in time. Sun is already at his highest point. We still had time to take pictures.

View of Mt. Tapyas from the port.

Happy Me!
my friend Lorie. Amazing background, right?

with Venice. Naka-ENERVON ako dito, everyday Happy!

Our most awaited moment, sun started to say goodbye. Swiftly, flaming clouds bursted in the sky. It was a jaw dropping moment for the three of us. We were on the top of Mt. Tapyas, the view was 360 degree and the entire sky filled with this bright clouds. Amazing! 

This cloud is on fire!


  1. OMG! Kirk nganga ako sa mga sunset shots! special mention dun sa 5th before last

    1. Ako din nganga ung momemt na un, parang imaapoy talaga ung langit that time. Sobrang amazing! :)


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