A Glimpse to the World's Wonder: Angkor Wat.

To set foot on the Angkor, a dream that came true! Growing up, I was not that fan of cartoon shows on TV neither playing outside; I was fonder reading encyclopaedias, searching and turning their pages into world’s greatest wonders. I’m a traveller at heart ever since. Deeply captivated with the Angkor Wat, listed as the World's Wonder; the largest Hindu temple complex in Cambodia and the largest religious monument in the world. It represents one of humankind’s most astonishing architectural achievements.

It was built in the 12th century, constructed roughly 30 years’ time by 400,000 people under King Suryavarman II, the temple was dedicated to Hindu god, Vishnu. It was never completed, as some of the decoration remains incomplete. In the late 13th century, the temple was in turn converted to Buddhist use. This accounts for the numerous Buddha statues that continue to decorate the temple to this day. In the mid-19th century, under French colony, restoration and archaeological work began. 

My most anticipated day, it was 8 o’clock in the morning. From our hotel, a black car picked us and we headed to the Angkor. Lush green of trees and bushes sprawls up until the end of the entrance area. Depicting a lost city during an ancient time, for it is covered by forest canopy.  Now, Angkor Wat and the rest of the group still best preserved, silently an architectural masterpiece. 

Though it’s humid 39 degrees Celsius in Seim Reap, we just endured and started our amazing Angkor Wat exploration. As we approached to the main causeway and started the long walk towards the main temple. My excitement starts here, my eyes feast on the sight of the imposing structure. Symmetry has been long prized as one of the Angkor’s great features.

Walking through the temple, we had a little bit confusion to where we should start the path, whether to turn left or to turn right because of the vastness. At first our attentions were both fascinated and distracted by its complexity. 

From a distance Angkor Wat appears to be a colossal mass of stone with magnificent carvings in column on one level with a long walkway leading to the center but in close up it is a series of elevated towers, enclosed galleries, doorways and courtyards on different levels linked by stairways. 

My eyes were busy taking the every detail of the cloister. The detailing and designs are simply mind blowing and is known for their storytelling characteristics which portray stories or fable from the Hindu epics.

Aspara Dancer Figure.

At the very center of the temple is steep stairs that will take you to the center pagoda where you can overlook the entire landscape. Just be very careful when climbing.

Angkor Wat is a phenomena to behold, far beyond our mind can interfere.  

Things you should know:

Visiting time: 5:00am - 6:00pm
Admission fee:  20 USD for 1 day
                           40 USD for 3 days visit per one week validity
                           60 USD for 7 days visit per one month
                     * Children under 12 years of age are FREE, just show passport. 
                     * You can visit all temple except KULEN Mountain and WAT BENGMEALEA.

How to get there:

You can arrange your tour with tuktuk drivers for 4 USD per person for whole day or rent a car for 25 - 35 USD depends on the tour package. Some guesthouses offer tuktuk service at the same rate. Haggle! :) 


  1. quite an informative post. i miss angkor wat so much. i had so much memories there. hehe

    1. So much memories? Cheesy memories? Sino kaya kasama mo when you went there? Ayiieee. joke. :)

    2. Lupet! Sad things dahil di ko narating yan when im in thailand..Hoping for December i can go where it is! haha! Great Job! Boss kirk!


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