Travel Guide: Bangkok – Siem Reap Overland

One of the most exciting part of backpacking in Southeast Asia is traveling overland between countries and repeatedly. The itinerary for our Day 6 of  9 – day backpacking is Thailand – Cambodia Overland and to see the renowned Angkor Wat in Siem Reap (province in Cambodia). We  catched the 5:55am schedule, which is the first trip going to Aranyaprathet (Thailand - Cambodia border / gateway to Cambodia) in Hua Luampong Train Station in Bangkok. 

Let me simplify how to get to Seim Reap, Cambodia from Bangkok, Thailand by train. 


1. Hua Lumpong Train Station is the only train station in Bangkok traveling to Aranyaprathet. It is 6 hours travel.  There are only two scheduled trips daily, first trip is 5:55am and the other is at 1:00pm. We didn’t choose the 1:00pm for we’ll be there by 7:00pm, we're afraid that Thai and Cambodia Immigration might be closed already during that hour. Fare is 48 Baht only.

2. When in Aranprayathet, ride a tuktuk going to Thai Immigration for 100 Baht.

This is where our tuktuk driver dropped us. Go straight and turn left.
To Thai Passport Control

3. Clear your passport for the Thai exit stamp.

4. Cambodian Immigration is approximately 200 meters away from Thai Immigration.  Pass through the big arc of the Kingdom of Cambodia. Congrats, you’re officially in Cambodia. 

5. Next, find this small Passport Control Area. Fill up the arrival form and clear your passport for entry stamp. No visa for ASEAN members, hence for other nationalities you need to secure/apply your Cambodia e visa here first. 

The cutest Cambodian Passport Control upon arrival

 6. From Cambodian Passport Control, ride in the free shuttle bus service going to the main bus terminal, which is 15-20 minutes away from the immigration.

7. At the main bus terminal. Buy bus or van ticket for $10. It is approximately 2hours travel to Seim Reap.

8. Once at Seim Reap, arrogant tuktuk (local term for tricycle) drivers will try to arrange and bring you to your respective hotel or guesthouse. Don’t be scared to the drivers with their high pitch voice. Haggle! $2 per head is just right.

9. If you don’t have hotel or guesthouse, just tell the driver Popular Guesthouse, they offer $4 for fan room and $11 for double standard room. Bunch of guesthouses are within the area with the same rate. 

We arrived at our guesthouse at 4:00pm. It was almost 11 hours whole day travelling across two countries. Day 6 was all about traveling across the Thai - Cambodia border.

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  1. Hi Kirk, planning also doing Laos, Cambodia & Thailand this year. So it's much recommended na bumalik sa Bangkok from Vientiane rather than go straight to Siem Reap? Thanks thanks


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