Bangkok Street Foods

Bustling city of Bangkok is definitely a haven for foodies like me. Street foods! Can be seen everywhere, in every corner and some are available 24 hours in the streets of Bangkok. For a budget traveler like me, I was confident that I would able to survive Bangkok Trip with minimal budget for my food. And here’s how my stomach survived in my 3D/2N stay there. 

My food choices for breakfast.

This one is for 45 Baht only ( 1Thb = 1.40Php)

10 Baht / stick, it's 5 squid balls per stick. Mura diba?

10 Baht

This one tastes like siomai

And if you're done with all the sightseeing tours and suddenly feels hungry, then just look around and you'll find in an instant a street food vendors in every corner.

Yummy hotdog for 10 Baht also.

The Ube Halaya filling will definitely melt in your mouth

Po - ta - to!

 My choices for dinner. 

45 Baht

30 Baht for the whole fried fish. Super cheap!

Backpacking in Bangkok means "sulitipid" trip. And yes, you wont be hungry in Bangkok!


  1. OMG mouth-watering! Given the time en travel fund now - mag ba Bangkok ako! Ganda ng mga shots kirk!cultavel 40

    1. Given na yung travel funds mo e. Siguro yung time lang yung mahirap isinggit sa work mo. Hehe. Share share ng travel fund! LOL

  2. nakakagutom namam nito! sana makapunta na ako ng bangkok uli.


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