Weirdest Sculptures in Laos: The Buddha Park

The temperature was at its fiercest, screaming 38 degrees Celsius. The severe heat was tingling my skin followed by incredible sweat flowing from my forehead. I just wanted to finish that last stop before we head to Thanaleng Train Station to get back to Bangkok. The last stop was the intriguing ‘Buddha Park’, locals said that it could be the highlight of our Laos trip.

It is located 25 kilometer southeast from Vientiane, Laos. On our way to the Buddha Park, dusty rough road blurred the wind shields of our van, Mekong River at our right side and dilapidated houses in the left side.  Then after an almost an hour of travel, we arrived at the Park, entrance fee is 20 Baht and if you have camera to take pictures of those Buddha, an additional of 10 Baht.

Buddha Park, also known as Xieng Khuan, is a famous sculpture park with more than 200 religious statues of Buddhist and Hindu gods and goddess scattered around the meadow. Each group of statues have their own bizarre design and are ornate. The park was started in 1958 by Lao mystic Luang Pu Bunleae Sulilat who integrated Hinduism and Buddhism for a hope to unite the faith of the two religion with his art.

Of course, numerous sculptures of Buddha characters like Avalokitesvara, a bodhisattva who embodies the compassion of all Buddhas and Hindu folklore including Shiva, the god of destruction and regeneration; Vishu, the preserver god; Arjuna, warrior prince in the Bhagavad-Gita and Indra, the king of Hindu gods riding the three- headed elephant.


There are two notable sculptures in the park, one is the enormous reclining Buddha in a 120 – meter – long. Other one is resembles in a giant pumpkin structure. This has three stories representing three levels, the Hell, Earth and Heaven. Yes, visitors can enter and go upstairs. The entrance is crafted comparable to a demon’s mouth. Acquire the finest view on the top of it.

Me in the mouth of the demon-like-entrance

Ton, at the top of the pumpkin

But this one is my personal favorite. I had fun posing with this another demon - like sculpture.

Kuya Ram striking a Buddha pose.

Buddha Park’s statues are all remarkable not only because of their inexplicable design but
 because of its interesting story. Enduring the 38 degrees Celsius is worth it! The park depicts a great faith which was conveyed through bizarre art. Indeed, an eye - opener to Laos' rich culture. 

Opening Hours: Daily from 08:00 – 18:00  
Location: About 25 kilometers southeast of Vientiane, along the Mekong River
How to get there: The Buddha Park can be reached by public bus, tuk tuk and rented van.

Click here for the How to get to Vientiane, Laos from Bangkok, Thailand.


  1. Quite odd, indeed. Dunno why we never got interested with this Buddha Park :( Maybe cause we didn't look up photos of it.

  2. Nice Place! :) nakakapangLiit ung mga Giant Statue.

  3. Nice Place! :) Creepy kasi andameng Giant Statues nakakapangliit lalo.

  4. How long did you stay in Laos? How long and How much is the bus/van trip from Vientiane city proper to Buddha Park?

    1. Hi Walter, we actually stayed in Vientiane for an overnight only.
      We hired a van for about 10-15USD from Vientiane to Buddha Park and arranged to drop us at the Thanaleng Train Station (going to Bangkok).

  5. How far is Buddha Park from Thanaleng Train Station?

  6. About 8.5km away. Travel time depends on the traffic.


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