MultiSport 101 Camp: Swim, Bike, Run

Sedentary lifestyle and unhealthy diet are the culprits of my weight gain, I feel so heavy and easily get tired. All I want is to be healthy and back on my track again. So when Ate My-my asked me if I want to join the MultiSport 101 Camp, I swiftly said Yes! Double yes, because it's a free registration too.

MultiSport 101 Camp is a training camp held at Bonifacio High Street with the help of country’s top coaches. Coach PJ Rivera, Michelle Estuar, Jay Valencia and Patrick Joson who shared their brilliant insights in running, swimming and biking.  

I and ate My-my attended the Leg 3 of the Camp and it's all about running. The coach for that particular camp is the pretty and fab Coach Michelle and Coach PJ which is serious insightful in running. These coaches are champion in several triathlon they have joined, and imparting their knowledge to us is just amazing. By the way, the previous Leg 2: Biking was held on June 29 which headed by Coach Jay & Patrick. On August 31 which is Leg 4 is Biking again.

with Ate My-my

with Coach PJ

with coach Michelle

05:30H - Registration: It is free for as long as you’re MultiSport subscriber. Non-subscribers may call +63 (02) 4038825 loc. 268 for subscription details and loc 215 on how to register for the next camp which is 'swimming'. The singlet is available for 150Php only. Personally, I would like to thank the sponsors of this event, the Gatorade for our unlimited hydrating drink and fotochutephotobooth for the awesome picture.

06:30H - Before the official 5k run started, the whole participants were divided by two groups. The first group was headed by Coach Michelle, she demonstrated five warm ups and exercises that will strengthen the core and upgrade the speed. First is somewhat jumping forward/backward and sideward that your feet should be landed at the same time on the ground, second is planking, third is squat, fourth is sprinting and for the fifth is about balancing, all five done two minutes each. Meanwhile our group is headed by Coach PJ who delivered his thoughts about the technique, proper posture and the different phases and transition in running and a lot more that we could use in the actual run.  They were given 30 minutes to attend the two groups and vice versa.

Group 1 and Group 2 battle

The reward of the winners and the losers.

07:30H The application of training session: The Actual Race. We were very lucky that Coach PJ joined us in the run and applied his earlier talk about the phasing in running. It was like the transition of your speed in the run, start with normal run for a minute, if you get tired you can walk for a minute, then run again for a minute and thirty seconds, walk then run fast for 2 minutes and so on. Actually this was my very first race, and I admit this is new to me; running in a group gave me so much pressure for I was on everybody’s back majority of the time, gasping air and calves getting stiff. There were time I just want to quit but my determination to finish my very first race prevailed. 

08:00H - We run together in same phase, so finish the race much likely with the same time. After our run with coach PJ, he also shared his post drills and exercises to ease discomfort of pain and fatigue that may happened. 

Overall, the experience was fun and I cant wait for Ate My-my next invite for the run. I just wanted to be fit and healthy again, and this will be the start of my new beginning. 

For more info about the MultiSport 101 Camp, visit their website at

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