World class performance of Pangalay by Ingat Kapandayan

The Ingat Kapandayan Artist Center (IK) is a school – based theater arts group of the Notre Dame of Jolo College in Sulu comprised of talented students.  It was established in 2002 to promote the ethnic heritage of the Suluans by performing theatrical local folkore using cultural dances and musical instruments such as kulintang and bamboo xylophone. It was founded by the school’s former Campus Ministry Director, Sister Imelda Mission, OND, and has led by  Mr. Rapih Jari, who serves as its adviser and artistic director.

The group is well known to deliver an exceptional Pangalay dance, a traditional “fingernail" dance of the Tausug people of the Sulu Archipelago. The IK artists possessed a great flexibility and dexterity of the shoulders, elbows and wrists movements to execute it well. The Pangalay is predominantly performed during weddings and other festive events. 

Pangalay linggisan / wind dance.

Pangalay courtship / courtship dance

Pangalay ha patung

For the past 11 years, the IK performed in the key towns of Jolo, Sulu, Siasi, Basilan, Zamboanga City. And the latest is at Dipolog City on February 2013 for the 1st Tunog – tunugan Festival that mainly highlights the gong and bamboo instrument. It is a project of National Commission for Culture and the Arts – National Music Committee. They joined the 1 week gala with other 250 artists from the Philippines, China, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Vietnam and South Korea, showcased their wide range, tone, color, texture and distinctive musicality and suave dance which mirror their ethno-linguistic group.

The guiding principle of the Ingat Kapandayan is their so called “Paghambuk (Oneness): One Art. One advocay. One heart”.  It convey the unity among the Tausug youth and to preserve the Tausug culture through the performing arts. Joining the members of the group includes Muslims, Christians and Protestants belonging to the Tausug and Sama tribes, among others.

Truly, the Ingat Kapandayan theater arts group depict the colourful culture of Tausug that until now, undyingly pass to the young generation towards the holistic development of the Tausug Youth. Spreading not only its culture but also the bold history of the “people of the current”. 

with Sir RJ, Ma'am Thoney and the IK artists.

Acknowledgement: In behalf of Mervin of Pinoy Adventurista, Ramil and Edgar or Pinas Muna, I would like to extend our gratitude to the Ingat Kapandayan Group of Notre Dame of Jolo College for the impressive performance of Pangalay dance during our visit in Sulu on August 7, 2013. 

The IK artists really showed us a world class performance. Hats off to them. I would like also to commend Sir RJ for being the brilliant artistic director of the group. Mashallah! Again, Magsukul Notre Dame of Jolo College.


  1. Awesome performance of Ingat Kapandayan! Magsukul to Notre Dame of Jolo College! :)

  2. bilis ng post bro :) ganda ng mga shots!

  3. Pang world-class talaga ang performance nila. Sana may encore, hehehe.


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