My heartbreak with the beautiful Pangasinan Island of Sulu

Sprinkled in the vast Sulu Sea is a chain of beautiful archipelago of Sulu. But there's one island set apart from others because of its indistinctive shape and formation, tranquillity and its perfect white sand from above, the Pangasinan Island. 

Pangasinan Island has a small municipality called Panglima Tahil, a 6th class municipality.  The island is the home of the indigenous Badjao which is sea dwellers. 

Got intrigued by this beautiful island, I showed Ms. Fariza the photos taken from my camera during our flight to Jolo to ask the whatabouts of this island. Got surprised by her answer, Mayor Amin of Jolo were planning to bring us there using his speedboat IF the following day is not Eid’l Fitr yet. Unfortunately, the born of the new moon sighted later that night which indicate the end of Ramadan and the celebration of their holiest holiday on the next day, the Eid’l Fitr. They celebrate Eid’l with their family members, usually at home. 

So the following day, we just relaxed in Mayor Amin’s rest house which is facing the Sulu Sea. I can’t help myself but to stare the beautiful Pangasinan Island from the veranda. Even it broke my heart and saddened me, it's ok. Well, Mayor Amin and Ms. Fariza promised to bring us there in our next visit. Yeheyyy!

Today, I’m just waiting for seat sale to Jolo.  Really hope to visit again Sulu by next year.


  1. intriguing ng island. hehe pasama namam pag bumalik kau. hehe

  2. wow! konti lang kilala ko na nakapunta na ng jolo and sulu. galing! i really want to return there. i love jolo port and the tausugs

    1. Hi journeying james, i read you 3Part Sulu trip. Thanks for the info din pala. Hehe. Me too, i really love the Tausugs, very hospitable and nice.

  3. Mark & Jeffrey, sila kuya mervz/ramil/ed ang bahala sa inyo. Hehe. May PF ata sila eh. Hehe.

  4. Astig! There's Pangasinan in Mindanao :) Don't be confused with the one in Luzon LOL.


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