Sunset at Anawangin Cove

It was a 5-hour long knee breaking hike at Mt. Pundaquit to reach Anawangin Cove. On our way up to the peak, we met Judas and gave us a quisling kiss that burned our skin severely. The weather was blaring stubborn throughout our hike, merciless! 

Reaching Anawangin Cove, a sense of relief comforted us. A time to recharge our energy, I found rest and nap as the answer; I just lazed on the sand of the beach and time passed by. 

As I opened my eyes gradually, I witnessed the most magnificent light show taken right above me, combination of vibrant colors playing in the sky. I thought that this show is our sweetest reward in our long hour hike in their territory. No pain, no gain at all! Thanks to this wonderful scenery Anawangin Cove, you have the perfect sunset!


  1. Hi sir!

    I just want to ask if Kuya JR renting fee on tent is updated until now?



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