The Circle Hostel: Surfer's sanctuary

So you think you’ll have a perfect surfing experience in La Union?  I bet not if you wouldn’t choose to stay at The Circle Hostel. It is affordable artsy eco - hostel located in the surfing bliss of Urbiztondo, San Juan. What makes them different from other accommodation is that the bright contagious atmosphere within every guest of this hostel. “There are no strangers”, this tagline welcomed you upon entering this tranquil and homely place. On the other hand this is a perfect venue for those anti-socials who wanted to chuck up their extracts for they will be surrounded by diverse people from different part of the world.  It’s not all about surfing after all, it’s about the people around you that makes your trip memorable and exciting one. Surely, you’ll get along with the other guests here, share your stories and hear their desire for to get some stoke too, that they even quit their job and decided to reside and find work in the surfing capital of Luzon. Really, this place is the home for coolest people who wanted to be free from their normal routine and do their passion for the waves, surfing!



The Circle Hostel will let you experience  the living of Mahatma Gandhi and Buddha, at least the concept behind that, the humility and to live of an overnight or more in a bunk bed in a nipa hut for 400Php. Yes, you heard it right! Isn’t it exciting and awesome experience to sleep in nipa hut? They have 45 single beds.

Sorry for my messy bed.

Well, The Circle Hostel seems have unlimited ways for us to have the perfect unusual stay, you can opt to have an overnight sleep at hammock for 300Php. They have 35 colorful hammocks for you!

And one relaxing common area where you can sleep on the floor with pillows or sit back in a hammock while waiting for the waves to be awaken. Yes, this is where the wifi is installed!

They believe that part of travelling is making friends so they made a hostel for maximum interaction. "There are no strangers here".


  • Free wifi 
  • Lockers (please bring own padlock)
  •  Painting 
  • Shower Area

  • Just LOVE, NO drugs 
  • Be FRIENDLY, open up The Circle – “there are no strangers”
  • SHARE This is the best way to make friends
  • Enjoy the BEACH! Surf! Skim! Soccer! Frisbee! Swim!
  • Put things back where YOU found them
  • Always CLEAN UP after yourself
  • Sleeping area IS FOR SLEEPING! (Hammocks and bunkhouses) NO smoking! NO drinking, NO eating! Be quiet in the sleep area. (You can be noisy in the common area)
  • BE CONSIDERATE of your bunkmates and other guests
  • RINSE before entering buildings! SLIPPERS DOWNSTAIRS
  • DON’T HOG the Internet! You don’t need this!


The Circle Hostel, San Juan, La Union
Phone: +09178326253

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