Putrajaya: The Administrative Capital of Malaysia

The Steel Mosque

Putrajaya is our first stop during the recent Malaysia Tourism Hunt 2013. It is the seat of the federal government of Malaysia since 1999 and one of the three Federal Territories in Malaysia; others are Kuala Lumpur and Labuan. It is name after the first Malaysian Prime Minister, Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra, in addition the word ‘putra’ means ‘male child’ and jaya means ‘success’ or ‘victory’. 

Hall of Justice

In the early 1990s, the Malaysian government perceived of a new federal administrative capital built from a palm and rubber plantations called Putrajaya because Kuala Lumpur is overcrowded and congested far enough. It was a planned city with a sophisticated information network to be the new home to all of Malaysia’s administrative offices and landmarks. It was also built to host diplomatic activities and function as a symbol of the nation’s ambitious modernization agenda.

It is approximately 5,000 hectares of architectural masterpiece and landscape. It's where the government emblems and offices situated like Hall of Justice, Ministry of Finance, Prime Minister’s Office, Putrajaya Internation Convention Center and some of the most stunning mosques like the Pink Mosque and Steel Mosque. Truly a must visit travel destination for it is only 25km from Kuala Lumpur that can be reached by expressways, urban highways and a high speed rail link.

The Pink Mosque

Must do in Putrajaya:

1. Day tour biking. Roam around in Putrajaya with its biker-friendly lane to visit the most important landmarks like the Millennium Monument and Taman Putra Perdana.

From L-R; Camille, Rafel, me & Gael

2. Day tour in Putajaya is nice but it is spectacular at night. Try the night cruise of Tasik Cruise Putrajaya to see the most stunning vistas. They offer cruises around Putrajaya with sightseeing stops (RM30/person), both in small 4/6-seater gondola-like perahu boats and a large 76-seater air-con boat. 

Colorful Putrajaya Bridge at the back

Sit back relax in a gondola-like perahu boat with a perfect view of Putrajaya

How to get here:

By plane

The nearest airport is Kuala Lumpur International Airport. A coupon or metered budget taxi to or from KLIA will take 30 minutes and cost around RM 60. Alternatively, you can take the KLIA Transit from the airport to Putrajaya station and transfer to a taxi.

By train

The fastest option is the KLIA Transit connecting Kuala Lumpur's Sentral train station to its airport. Trains run every 30 minutes, take 20 minutes for RM 9.50 one-way.

By taxi

Coupon taxis from Kuala Lumpur's KL Sentral cost a fixed RM45.

By bus

Bus service is provided from 6:30AM until 10;00PM to and from Cyberjaya, Putrajaya, Serdang commuter station, Sinar Kota and Pasar Seni LRT station in Kuala Lumpur. The bus fare for one-way is around RM 3.50 and takes more or less 45 minutes, depends on the traffic flow.


  1. Man.. you write about Putrajaya too!

  2. awesome photos! love love the night shots. so ganun pala tawag dun s boat s cruise. glad to have traveled with you Kirk, Mr. Congeniality!

  3. the steel mosque looks absolutely stunning. i wanna go see it one time.


  4. this is one of my dream destinations. so elusive to me. anyway what's ur cam kirk? u have great night shots!

  5. shalan. eto ba yung nafeature ka. san na burger namen? hehehe :D

  6. nice compilations of night shots, it was late afternoon when we went there last year.

  7. Stunning Photos! Gabi gabi ko nakikita to from our place in cyberjaya pero nde pa din aco nag sasawa sa itsura nya. :D Ganda ng kuha mo. hirap na hirap aco mag picture sa gabi.. :D


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