Non-stop fun and excitement at The Lost World of Tambun

All the way up from Baguio, Philippines I traveled almost 6,000km to Perak, Malaysia to participate in the familiarisation tour promoting the national tourism campaign of Malaysia which is the Visit Malaysia 2014 and Celebrate 1Malaysia Truly Asia sponsored by Tourism Malaysia and in partnership with the Gaya Travel Magazine. It was by far the longest and tiring travel I committed but I endured the fatigue because as included in the itinerary we will be going to The Lost World of Tambun. A premiere adventure theme park in Malaysia. I heard and seen this one of a kind theme park from my Filipino and Malaysian friends who have been there and all I wanted is to experience it for myself.

The Lost World of Tambun comprises of different feature of fun and thrilling adventures in the City of Hills, Ipoh. A non-stop of excitement awaits everyone for it includes Water and Amusement Park, Tiger Valley, Zoo, Hot Spring and Spa and Tin Valley. All packed in one ultimate theme Park adventure.

Try the Dragon Flight, prepare to be swung arond in the air. |

What makes it different from other theme park is it naturally encapsulated by wonderful limestone hills, feel the arms of nature as you enjoy your stay here. Such a breath of fresh air too.

Our bus stopped right in front of the entrance gate of The Lost World of Tambun and I was really surprised by its marvelous Egyptian – liked fa├žade. It is decorated with cute spooky Halloween design. Boo!

We had our buffet lunch first at their restaurant; they served a mouth-watering cuisine that really suited for a Filipino palate. The menu that time was inclined in Chinese cuisine.  After our sumptuous lunch, the organizers assembled us at the main entrance and let us put ourselves in queue for my most awaited moment… the actual "The Lost World of Tambun" experience. 

We were greeted by the huge swimming pool with unwavering waves of Water Park, excitement began here. Group photo of the participants of Celebrate 1Malaysia Truly Asia was taken here also.

Adrenaline packed "Cliff Racer".

One of the highlights of The Lost World of Tambun is the Tiger Valley where tiger show is performed. Various animals such as raccoon and cockatoo also show their unparalleled talents here.

Tiger Feeding

Photo by

Known as ‘the Land of Grace’, Perak was once a wealthy tin-mining state. Commemorating the abundance of tin-ore deposit, they put up a small tin mining replica in Tin Valley

Moving forward, rock climbing and rappelling is probably the most thrilling adventure here, it is located in a gigantic needle-liked limestone. Fellow Filipino participant Lloyd, Indonesian blogger, Acen and one Australian participant tried this devilish act. This is highly recommended for ultimate heart pounding activity seekers. 

"The Needle"

Failed to contain the overwhelming excitement in The World of Tambun plus my dead tired body due to previous 2-day Food Tour in Baguio; predictably, my most crimson red of blood gracefully came out from my nose. So suave! Good thing our medic was there to the rescue. Thanks medic team.

Around 5:00PM, as much as I wanted to join the next round of fun that includes Haunted Chamber, a horror house and in Lost World Petting Zoo, a good friend of mine, Shams of Gaya Travel accompanied me to the hotel of the theme park and let me rest and sleep.

Introducing the latest addition to the Sunway International Hotels and Resorts family, the Lost World Hotel. Located close to the Lost World of Tambun Theme Park.

Time passed by swiftly and it’s already 7:00PM, I feel so rejuvenated by a sweet sleep I had and it’s time for dinner at the HotSpring Spa. There we had a generous menu for dinner.  

I really enjoyed the HotSpring Spa for it relief my fatigue. Free massage also was given. Tourism Malaysia and Gaya Travel really know how to pamper their participants in this event.

The Lost World of Tambun is a must visit when you decide to tour around Perak, reward yourself and your family with good treat in a spectacular view of lush hills in Malaysia's premiere adventure theme park!

Park closed every Tuesday.
Except on Malaysian school & Public holiday

Open Mon-Fri:  11:00AM – 06:00PM
Sat – Sun, School Holidays, Public Holidays: 10:00AM – 06:00PM
Lost World Hot Springs & Spa by Night open daily 06:00PM – 11:00PM
Crystal Spa Treatment: 03:00PM – 11:00PM

*Some of the photos were borrowed with kind permission from the  The Lost World of Tambun

Discloure: This tour is sponsored by Tourism Malaysia and Gaya Travel Magazine in promotion of Visit Malaysia 2014 and Celebrate 1Malaysia Truly Asia.

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