The Discovery of 11,000 years old Perak Man in Lenggong Valley

In promotion of the national tourism campaign, the Visit Malaysia 2014 and Celebrating 1Malaysia Truly Asia, together with other 40 ASEAN participants on October 28 - 31, 2013 we drove from Kuala Lumpur all the way up to Perak to discover the stunning beauty and further spread its historical significance to the world.

Among other known Palaeolithic skeletons found in Southeast Asia, the Perak Man remains the oldest most complete Palaeolithic skeleton discovered from a prehistoric burial cave; truly beckon the highest discovery in the region and in the world.

Archaeological Heritage of the Lenggong Valley (AHLV), a UNESCO World Heritage Site which is located at Perak, Malaysia is the site where this greatest discovery uncovered. It is one of the longest culture sequences in a single locality in the world. The undistributed archaeological sites AHLV are exceptional because they preserve in-situ an outstanding record of the evolution of human cognitive complexity in the form of a rational and systematic mind evidenced by the development of lithic tradition and stone tool technology.  The AHLV is also one of a kind for it is sheltering an extraordinary range of nearly 2 million years and comprising all the stages of prehistory – Palaeolithic, Neolithic and Metal Periods.

The phenomenal findings from the Lenggong Valley is the almost complete Palaeolithic Skeleton called, Perak Man. Perak Man (10,000 BP) was found in Gua Gunung Runtuh cave site.  The artifact also plays an exceptionally significant role in providing previously unknown knowledge on Palaeolithic burial rituals and belief systems and understanding Southeast Asean prehistory.

Neolithic stone tools found in Lenggong Valley

Perak Man’s countless revelation extended up to the medical field, it is only prehistoric skeleton known in the world with Brachymesophalagua type A2, a rare congenital deformity, making an important for the understanding of human medical history. 

The Archaelogical Heritage of the Lenggong Valley stands a distinctive testimony to an ancient civilization which has disappeared and building of architectural and technological ensemble that explains momentous period in human history.

- The listing of Archaelogical Heritage of the Lenggong Valley by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site was on June 30 2012.
- The Lenggong Valley Archaelogical Gallery was previously known as the Kota Tampan Archaelogical Museum.
- The Perak Man was discovered in 1991.
- The Perak Man is the only prehistoric skeleton in the world which was born with a heridtary defect known as Type 2 Brachymesophalangia. 

Package 1: UNESCO Lenggong Valley Package
               - min. of 40 pax. 
               - 2D1N - 135 RM/pax
               - 3D2N - 195 PM/pax
               - Inclusion: 
                     * Visit to Cottage Industries Factory
                     * Visit to Lenggong Valley Archaelogical Gallery
                     * Deer Farm and Chenderoh Lake
                     * Accommodation at KG Beng Homestay: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
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Package 2: Cycling Package
                - Package A: Cycling to the Heritage Site Lenggong Valley 
                      - 690RM/pax for 3D2N, min. of 2 pax
                      * Visit to Lenggong Valley Archaelogical Gallery
                      * Agro - Tourism Orchard 
                      * Accommodation: 1N stay each at KG Beng Homestay/Lenggong Rest House
                      * Licensed tourist guide
                      * Entrance fees
                      * Transfer in & out
                      * Bicycle usage for 1 day around Lenggong 
                      * Travel Insurance
                      * 2x breakfast, 1x Lunch
                  - Package B: 2D1N Eco-Tourism Cycling to Lenggong Heritage Site 
                      - 570RM/pax for 2D1N, min. of 2 pax
                      * Visit to Lenggong Valley Archaelogical Gallery
                      * Cottage Industry, fish or shrimp cage, deer farm and Lenggong Town
                      * Kekabu Waterfall
                      * Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
                      * 1 Night stay
                      * Licensed tourist guide
                      * Entrance fees
                      * Transfer in & out
                      * Bicycle usage for 1 day around Lenggong 
                      * Travel Insurance
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Package 3: 3D2N Discover UNESCO Lenggong Valley
                 - 510 RM/pax, min. of 20 pax
                     * 2 nights accommodation
                     * AC 40 seater coach
                     * Return boat ride to and from KG Beng Homestay
                     * English / Malay Licensed Tourist Guide
                     * 2x Breakfast, 3x Lunch, 2x Dinner
                     * Visit to Lenggong Valley Archaelogical Gallery 
                     * Visit to Royal Town of Kuala Kangsar
                     * Activities at KG Beng Homestay
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Tourism Malaysia Perak
No. 12 Medan Istana 2, Bandar Ipoh Raya, Perak
Tel: 605 255 9962 / 255 2772 Fax: 605 253 2194 

Lumut Tourist Information Center
Kompleks Pelancongan Lumut Waterfront, Jalan Titi Panjang, Perak
Tel: 605 683 4057 Fax: 605 683 8443 

Discloure: This tour is sponsored by Tourism Malaysia and Gaya Travel Magazine in promotion of Visit Malaysia 2014 and Celebrate 1Malaysia Truly Asia.


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