Jonker Walk: A Shopping Haven in Melaka

One of the many things I love to do when traveling is spending my free time in shopping, who doesn’t? But of course I wouldn’t go for luxurious items for I’m a real budget traveler, hence I go for affordable and worthy little items that would be useful in my adventure or because it is appealing to my eyes. In Malaysia, there is one and only night market that actually have it all, from household kits to the beauty products to the colorful souvenirs to the mouth-watering street foods, all in one 500 meters narrow street called Jonker Walk. Jonker walk is the center of Chinatown in the state of Malacca; it was once renowned for its antique shops. However over the years it has turned to clothing and crafts outlets as well as restaurants. Jonker Walk is easy to be found for it is just nearby the Dutch Square. 
I assure you, it is fun to be in that crowded street!

Amazing talent!

The Leg 2 of Celebrate 1Malaysia tourism campaign is to further promote Malacca, we were given a one night to explore and feel the blissful atmosphere of the 500 meter long night market.

We Filipino participants opted to be intact with our Indonesian blogger friend. The shining and shimmering lights of the vendor stands made it a picture perfect, with their colorful keepsake items and tasty treats. For me, walking along the night market seeing those items are the real Jonker Walk experience, plus you’ll get to see the old houses from Dutch & Chinese period. 

Must try restaurant!
One of those beautiful Dutch buildings.

In the middle of the long narrow Jonker Walk is a stage for Chinese community, there we watched a program of Chinese Senior Citizen. Mostly vendors are Chinese and they are owner of the houses along the streets. On the almost end of the street you’ll found a bunch of small restaurants offering a delicious for reasonable prices, perfect for dinner.

Geographer Cafe, one of the famous restaurant cafe in Jonker Walk

And if you're a durian lover, you'll be happy to see this Durian Cottage selling all kinds of durian products.

Jonker Walk is a fusion of culture, tradition, heritage to a modern demesne. 

Disclosure: This is a sponsored fam tour by Tourism Malaysia and in partnership with Gaya Travel Magazine in promotion of Visit Malaysia 2014 and Celebrate 1Malaysia.

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