Monday, February 17, 2014

The Unveiling of Minalungao National Park of Nueva Ecija

Who could have thought that Nueva Ecija is more than just a vast greenery rice fields but the home to a natural wonders such Minalungao National Park. Far ahead from the countryside of the province hides a great masterpiece by nature sculptured in the center of the scenic PeƱaranda River. The distinction of the Minalungao National Park is the marvelous 16-meter high limestone bordered the narrow river which boasts the pristine calm emerald water along the Sierra Madre mountain range.

The park covered 2018 hectares and was recognized as a protected area on 1967. It is located in the Barangay Minalungao at municipality of General Tinio, Nueva Ecija. The nearest town is the Gapan which will be your gateway to this incredible natural attraction.
The locals called the huge limestone in the middle of the river as their 'Prinsesa'
A local guide is readily available around the area, even kids can be your guide and ours was two local kids aged 11 and 16 years old.  You have a choice to see the entire national park by foot or by boat. Glide along the side of the towering limestone formation through a shrilling trail. It is really advisable to hire a tour guide for they know where you should stride your feet. For a much easy and relax trail, you can rent a bamboo raft. Both trails will lead you to a shallow swimming area with refreshing and cool waters of the river.  

Getting to the end part of the park by foot is an achievement for you know how exciting the trail is. Even saw grandparents trekking along the limestone. It is not hard but challenging!

Don't worry this isn't the raft for the visitors

One of the activities here is the cave exploration where shimmering stalactites and stalagmites can be seen in the dark hollows. As of to date, a system of unexplored subterranean caverns have also been discovered and eyeing for potential attractions.  

Other activities include relaxing on the floating cottage, fishing and cliff diving with the supervision of the trusted local guides. 

Local government is in hand in promoting it as an ecotourism destination and hopefully soon enough more Filipino will recognize and be it as their next destination. What’s the challenge to the local government is the easy access for the visitors by creating a concrete road and preserving the cleanliness of the park, for the future visitors please dispose your garbage properly for I observed rubbish in the trail.  Moreover, let us help Minalungao National Park by promoting it as a tourist attraction, thus you can also help its local with their livelihood, specially those kids, I think 100-200Php of tip will help them with their schooling.

Our Actual Itinerary / How to get to Minalungao National Park
6: 00AM – ETD of Five Star bus bound for Gapan (Bucana) from Cubao. Fare is 150Php. Most likely travel time is around 2 - 3 hours

9:00AM – ETA in Bucana, Gapan, rent a tricycle going to Minalungao National Park for round trip for 500Php.Travel time is 1 hour and 15 minutes ( route is passing through the municipality of General Tinio popularly known as Papaya). 
             *You'll save time and money if you rent your trike here instead renting tricycle to General Tinio and another tricycle from General Tinio going to Minalungao National Park. 

10:15AM – Arrival at the Minalungao National Park
           * Pay 20Php/person for the registration and 20Php for the entrance of tricycle and / or car.  
               * Hire a local guide. Give any amount of tip after the trail that relatively will help them.
               * Stay as long as you want but make sure to have a proper arrangement with the tricycle driver for they will wait for you. Offer lunch / food if you opt to stay longer.
               * Cottage is available for big groups who opt to stay whole day.
               * Floating cottage is also available, rate varies depends on the season ranging from 800php – 1500Php which is good for 8 – 10 pax. This season they offer it to us for P800.   
               * TIP: It is advisable to use rubber shoes such Nike Shoes from Zalora Philippines to protect your feet from sharp limestone in the trail.

*Going back to Manila, bus passes by the Bucana, Gapan where you can wait for the bus bound for Cubao. Fare is 150Php also. 


  1. will definitely check this spot bro-bookmark ko to! thanks

  2. nagandahan din ako sa lugar na to.. ang layo nga lang pero sulit sa ganda :) yung mga bata jan magagaling nakaka akyat sila sa taas meron silang cave na pinapasukan sabi ng naging guide nmin.

  3. Congrats. Well-written blog. I'll be going there this weekend. A Novo Ecijano myself, I can't pass the opportunity to see the hidden beauty of my province. And the time is NOW. :)

  4. Nice post and photos. I'll be going there soon. A Novo Ecijano myself, I can't pass the opportunity to see the hidden beauty of my province. It's now or never. Cheers to life!

  5. This is interesting... matagal ko nang gustong mag-lakwatsa sa Nueva Ecija, pero hndi ko alam kung saan maganda punta.. Ayos! Mapuntahan nga ito minsan.

  6. have you checked what is inside the cave?

    1. You did really great trip. I read many other blogs before this but you share very informative content which will be help full for my National Park of Nueva Ecija tour. I will go there in last week of this March with my girl friend. She also fond of beauti and nature.

  7. I never knew there was a place like this in Nueva Ecija. It surely is Paradise. I've also read your blog about Anawangin Cove. I just wanna ask if it's not dangerous trekking? I will surely visit this place.

  8. may contact person po ba keo dito?

  9. No cave pics? :(

    1. Hello, send me an email, i'll send you photos of it.

  10. one of the comments made my day. lol. #pwedenamantagalog

  11. Hi, tanong ko lang kung madaming npa sa area? safe po ba pumunta? Salamat!

  12. nice pics, kirk!!

    btw, is it ok to travel alone to this place?

  13. Yes, you can po; thanks for dropping by and enjoy!

  14. Hi Kirk! meron ka bang rates ng mga activities here? or meron ka bang contact person sa place for inquiry? thanks!


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