Sillag Poro Point Festival of Lights 2014

On its third year, the Sillag - Poro Point Festival of Lights again amazed thousands of spectators coming from different regions to witness the various colorful activities lined-up on the two-day event in Poro Point Freeport Zone, La Union. 

Kicked off last Friday March 7, is the opening of the Sillag Delights – a trade and food fair which proudly showcase La Union fineness products and cuisines. 

Other activities, includes the Sillag Sunset fun run which started in the Thunderbird Resort and ended in the Sillag Village. It is followed by the most anticipated highlight of the evening, the ceremony of the Hope Lantern Ceremony that symbolizes the bright hope and development of La Union. The dark sky was painted by multi – colored LED (Light-emitting diodes) balloons twinkling in the air that night.  

In the same night lighting of the Sillag Village was officiated by PPMC Chairman Nisce together with the board of directors. 
On the second night of Sillag Festival, the Master Development Plan for 146 hectares PPFZ was finally unveiled to the public with the BCDA, PPMC and Thunderbird VIPs. 

Fluvial Parade made its shining moment when seven beautifully decorated and illuminated large boats started to display their bright and colourful lights.

Fireworks display even brought the crowd in so much awe with its 10 minutes exhibition. Few minutes later, the seven contingents of Street Dance Competition finally march to the stage to perform their most energetic presentation dressed up with their light emitting costumes and props. 

Sillage Festival 2014 represents the role of the historic Poro Point Lighthouse which has been a beacon for ships and boats plying Poro Point at night but is now also being promoted as an integral component of the tourism development inside the PPFZ.

The Sillag Festival is named after the Ilocano word “sellag” which means “moonbeam,” or “illumination from the moon."

Watch out for Sillag Festival next year for more exciting, colorful and illuminating fun activities. 


  1. sellag = moonbeam.
    i learned something new today. :)
    nice shots, kirk!

    1. Hi doc gelo. ang hirap palang mag shoot sa gabi tapos gumagalaw. ending, camera phone ang gamit sa ibng photos. haha.


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