Binondo Food Trip | WD My Cloud Chinatown Photowalk

I have to tell you something inexcusable – that is, I haven’t tried "Binondo food trip". I’m longing to, but I don’t have the company to share the joy and experience; until I was invited by the Western Digital Philippines weeks ago in their WD My Cloud Chinatown Photowalk to discover Chinese cuisine through photography and incorporate the relevance of their newest product, the WD My Cloud.

The WD My Cloud is interestingly a comprehensive solution wherein users can organize, centralize and secure the digital content from all their computers and mobile devices and be able to access those files from any device, from anywhere in the world. 

Back to the event, it was happened last March 15 and attended by bloggers from different niches. The event was facilitated by exceptional photographer, Mr. Rolly Magpayo and travel junkie Eric Dee of The two brought us to not so unusual three restaurants; the Estero, Serri and Ying Ying Restaurant to have an authentic Chinese cuisines overload. 

Mr. Rolly Magpayo giving his photography lesson | Photo by WD Facebook Page

Before we advanced to the actual photowalk, the team of Western Digital Philippines announced a photo contest wherein the best photo will win WD My Cloud 3TB Personal Cloud, imagine the excitement from all of us; eagerly wanting to take photos right away in that very moment. 

Prior to the event, they asked us to install WD My Cloud app in our mobile where they created folders to upload and share our photos during the photowalk.

First stop is at Estero Fastfood. I admit, I was like from other planet for the foods served weren’t familiar to me, maybe I just used to typical Chinese cuisines like noodles, dimsum and sweet & sour pork. Foods were crunchilious frog legs and oyster cake which I thought a tortang talong. 

Frog legs and oyster cake on the table. Photo by WD Facebook Page

Then we stirred towards Serri Restaurant. This one serves a more familiar taste to me; the aroma too is perfectly starving. What we had here? They served a bunch of gastronomy, Black Chicken Soup, Goat Caldereta which is so so yummy and pork chicharon. From here, stomach began to be occupied. I can’t help myself to jump over the goat ribs. Sweet! Tasty! Delicious! Divine! Sugar Crush! 

I kept in mind that this photowalk is a combination of food tour and a photo contest, so I took ample of my amateurish shots. 

Bamboo shells


Pork kidney

Then we moved to our last stop, which is the Ying Ying Restaurant where we had an ecstasy of another Chinese food. 

They also announced the winner of the photo contest here, deservingly; Alvin Chua won the sought WD My Cloud 3TB Personal Cloud. Congrats! 

photo by
To sum it up, the event is a success, and I realized that I really need to have WD My Cloud 3TB Personal Cloud too for I need to back up, save, share, stream and manage massive amounts of digital data like my travel photos. Everyone should have this device. I want WD My Cloud 3TB Personal Cloud!  

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  1. I had an amazing event here recently. Really, I can't tell you how many people have been telling me, my team, and the event coordinator how much they loved the food.


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