A Day with the Special Kids | Cognizant Outreach Program

Growing up, my late father always reminds us to practice giving things away, not just things that we don’t care about, but also things that we like. It’s about giving and sharing unconditionally, without thought of granting back the favor. Then, I never thought it’s a preparation for a future of life of joy. Life is all about service. Service is joy. Service of making other people happy even to the smallest things you bestow, important is, sincerity and love are present.

Few weeks ago, my company, Cognizant Technology Solutions, held an outreach program to the kids with special needs at La Sagesse Rehabilitation and Development Center in Buting, Pasig. The institution provides educational, social and life skills training and support to approximately 120 children and young adults with physical and intellectual disabilities; aims to provide structures and input that will ensure the students establish self – worth, confidence and self – expression.

Going back, when the outreach program was announced to the team, without a second thought, I said to myself that I would be willing and gladly to join the event; besides I love kids, everyone knows that fact. That moment, I realized my late father’s teaching about giving and making other people happy. Lucky I am to be part of a company that brings a difference to the society, a company that sustains the symphony of innovation and result – oriented strategies, allied with its people’s enthusiasm to share.

The event was happened last November 22, 2015, together with over 40 passionate co – associates; we drove from our office in Taguig to Pasig with lots of educational supplies and toys – an early Christmas gift to the young ones.

Thought it’s gonna be an usual gift giving event by our company, it all turned out as an extraordinary and remarkable 4 - hour program created with love by the center. We were grouped into 5 teams; each team is composed of 10-15 special kids with their corresponding “kuya” and “ate” from the Cognizant. Filled with song and dance numbers and exciting games, everyone caught their selves smiling with pure joy in their faces; the hall was covered with blissful aura in all four corners.

Seeing those kids with specials needs performing those activities despite of challenges made us proud kuya and ate. Sometimes, we must allow ourselves to be adorned by lessons through hardships and challenges to see things in different way. Life is grateful; their condition is not for wimps nor for the weak heart, but for the strong, courageous and brave hearted ones – they are little fighters. Each one of them is different. Each one of them is special. Each one is beautiful. Each one flies the best they can.

To the passionate volunteers of La Sagesse Rehabilitation and Development Center, I must and would like to say that you are one the bravest heroic people I have ever known; you have dedicated your existence in helping those kids.

To the kind - hearted people of the Cognizant Outreach Program, may you continue spreading the love and compassion, keep those hearts open for the thing called sharing.

To each and everyone one of us, let us be involved at least once in our lifetime in educating and expanding the mind of others on the case of our beloved special kids in a clearer spectrum. We have to work in keeping the kids engaged with the world we live in. 

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