Marriott Hotel's Crema: Dessert Overload

I just can’t get enough of our previous dessert treats with my officemates in Marriott Hotel’s Crema. I must tell you, it was absolutely overflowing with sweets and delightful pastries. 
We were four in the group; tried four different cakes and four different breads and sandwiches. 

Pistachio San Rival

To start off, let me share our personal favourite, the Crema’s version of Pistachio Sans Rival (270). It is layered with butter cream, meringue, icing, cashews, and graciously flavoured with pistachio. I love pistachio, as much as I love Sans Rival, now this fusion is a real deal to me. My newest favourite dessert. We also had flourless chocolate (P250), Strawberry Tart (P270), and Tiramisu (270). Serving is big enough for sharing, price is reasonable.

Strawberry Tart
Breads and sandwiches are also come in a big serving, will make your stomach really happy and full. We ordered Banana Chocolate Chip (P110), Chocolate Croissant (P110), Cream cheese Danish (P120) and Cinnamon roll (P110). Guaranteed freshly baked. 

Cinnamon Roll

Cream cheese Danish


As for our final treat, we had yogurts. It comes with your syrup of choice and toppings. Cheesecake yogurts was a perfect ender for our dessert feast. 

In terms of the interior and ambiance of the place, Crema elegantly designed the dining area. It was also very spacious. Color scheme promotes positive vibes, good lightning is also present. 

Crema is definitely a haven for those who have sweet tooth and likes. Overall, the experience appeared like a full course meal. It were really satisfied to what we have ordered, another restaurant that will be included in my list of favorites.  

Crema is located at the ground floor of the newly opened Marriott Grand Ballroom. It is open from 11:00am to 6:00pm on Mondays to Saturdays. 

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