Fibrefill: Making your Staycation Fantastic

What makes a staycation wonderful? Probably the amenities and facilities of the hotel for some, but for me it’s the comfort behind each bed, the smooth linen that lingers my skin, the soft pillows that provide maximum comfort during my most precious time for resting and sleeping. Well, this is my own definition of a great staycation, a quality time on the bed. Just like with my experience with Azalea Residence Baguio and The Ferra Boracay, I still remember how pleased I am with their soft and smooth bed garments, which made me slept for more than 8 hours, bed accessories were really intended for luxurious hotel experience.

Only to find out recently that the two hotels are being supplied by Fibrefill Manufacturing Inc, the leading nonwoven and bedding suppliers for both local and international hotel brands. Their products are widely used in the country as padding, toy stuffing, pillows, furniture, automotive carpets and other novelty products as well. Customer satisfaction is their primary concern, putting their products together to fulfill each customer’s need.

With over two decades of expertise in the nonwoven industry, Fibrefill has locally pioneered, built and improved products that are widely used by different industries, especially in the hotel industry. 

Their research and development brought immense innovation to their products. They are not only supplying to the leading hotels in the country but also at the leading department stores such as SM Department Store, Landmark/Trinoma, All Home, Shopwise, Robinsons Department Store, and Puregold. Have those products and get a real feel of staycation just inside your own bedroom.

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