Five Lessons I Learned From Traveling

Travel is one of life’s greatest teachers. It steps out you of your comfort zone, your sanctuary, and let you experience the concealed things the world yet to disclose, because the real world sometimes means loading up your luggage and backpack and shutting down your temporary solace. Traveling reveals colorful culture and history, amazing people, and sumptuous food to explore. It teaches you to grow even more humble and understand your surroundings. So whether you are just exploring to a neighbor region or to a new country, there will be lessons that you will learn and can be use as your virtues in everyday life.

In my over a decade of traveling, I have been able to travel to 50 countries around the world and taught me vital lessons, here are the five of the best life lessons I learned through traveling.

1. To leave your comfort zone

Before I started this journey, I was that kind of guy who will just stay at home and do my own thing, I only got few trusted friends and I thought staying within this stretch was a normal thing to do, I found comfort on it. But when I started travelling, my world turned to complete opposite of my usual routine. It was a bit exhilarating to set aside what’s familiar and expand your horizons. There is no better reaction than taking on unfamiliar places and making it familiar to yourself. Excitement over fear, but never boredom. Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing at all, you just need to choose wisely.

2. To be spontaneous

When I started to enjoy traveling and going solo trips, I opted to plan every single detail of my tour, from accommodation that will perfectly fit my budget – that should be near a train station to the entrance fees of some important places. But along the way, I developed a sense of spontaneity. Traveling teaches you how to go with the flow, that your journey won’t always go to your plan and when challenges surfaced you must hold your instinct and let it decide the best for you. Enjoy every moment you spend on the road.

3. To respect and appreciate other cultures

Experiencing and participating in cultural traditions are some of the things I look forward when I travel. Traveling to new places that is completely different to yours will give you a different perspective in life. It allows you to immerse yourself to their customs, to appreciate the language, the food, the clothing, and everything in between. Live like a local they say, but make sure to do it in authentic way, don’t force yourself if you can’t, just respect and appreciate their culture.

4. To be humble

“Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.” Growing up in a world where self – worth is important, it has become almost a need to feel special. When you open yourself to the world of traveling, you often humbled. You will realize how small your footprints in this enormous world. Travel teaches you the value of humility.

5. To fall in love

It doesn’t mean to fall in love in romantic way, but to make friends to the wonderful people you met along the way. Staying in hostels give you opportunity to mingle to different people across the globe and share your common passion. Stay connected with them and share the love.

These are the lessons I learned from traveling. Yearn for something exciting and different. Travel will shape you to be the best person you can be. 

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