About the Author

Philippine Anatomy and Beyond is one of the travel blogs in the Philippines. Behind the blog is a Filipino travel blogger/registered nurse, Kirk Acebron, who showcases his wonderful travel adventure in pursuit to visit the 80 provinces of his country by featuring beautiful landscapes, rich culture and heritage, colorful festivals and culinary treats. As of to date, he visited 47 provinces. Kirk also shares his journey to 9 Asian countries he explored and his exciting trip in Africa during the warfare. Through his blog, he does not only promote tourism but help and inspire his readers to explore the anatomy of the Philippines and beyond in the cheapest way possible.

About the Author

I’m Kirk Acebron RN, MAN ©. On 2008, while 100,000+ unemployed nurses in the Philippines committed themselves to find the unreachable hospital jobs, I decided to pursue my leisure pursuit which is exploring the anatomy of the world. Now, it’s been 5 years of continuous traveling. 

I explore the anatomy of the world more than the human anatomy!


  1. Nice meeting you buddy, way to go!

  2. Replies
    1. Hello Melvin, you can follow my updates tru the FB Page of this blog.
      here: https://www.facebook.com/kirkanatomy1?ref=hl

  3. hi bro, nice blog, how can I follow it?

  4. Super cool blog you got here, Kirk!! Made me want to really travel more! See you tomorrow! ;)

  5. Hey, Kirk. Cool blog! Enjoy the long break. See ya on Monday, and don't forget to spread the Red!

  6. it was nice meeting you last saturday, kirk!

  7. Profound! Nice to have bumped with your awesome blog!
    I'm into Conquer the Philippines Challenge for myself, and I'm glad I've found another travel blogger with kindred spirit. :D

    I'm travel blogging with my new website: www.wanderfulwordsmith.com



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